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Few Questions about VDSL Internet

Hi everyone, I'm from the Greater Toronto Area (in Canada).

I just have a few questions... I'm probably going with Teksavvy around November or December, with their 25/10 VDSL plan.

You see, I've been with Rogers for a long time... I always noticed that my Rogers connection for video gaming wasn't great... but it got worst every single year (congestion issues in my area).

Video games would be literally unplayable... I mainly play FIFA (soccer), and my players couldn't turn at all, couldn't even make simple passes, control the ball after receiving a pass, players that are really fast in the game (Cristiano Ronaldo for example) would be much slower then he actually is... I mean, it's a huge, huge disadvantage and I'm surprised I won any games at all.

I finally had enough, and my contract is ending soon, so I will be switching to VDSL, as I heard it's better for video gaming.... and what I also heard, was that cable internet is shared (even a technician who came to my house said there was six.... six other people on one line... I mean, you can't be serious? Is that a joke?

#1) Is there "congestion" with DSL service? If so, is it anywhere near as bad as cable?

#2) Can VDSL internet be put on Fast Path instead of interleaved?

#3) Would I have to install filters on every single phone jack that uses the phone line?

#4) For gamers who are on DSL or VDSL/or have switched from cable to DSL... do you guys notice a difference? (whether good or bad)

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Hi Sheva,

You'll get more answers soon I'm sure, but I'll get it started.

#1) Yes there is a definite possibility that you will run into congestion, but in general, I would say cable users are experiencing it much more often these days than DSL users (in the GTA). Keep in mind, congestion occurs in specific areas at specific times, so it's impossible to say whether or not you will have a better experience on cable or DSL, and at what times, without trying it out yourself.

#2) There are different profiles for error correction available on VDSL2, but generally the line stats I see posted on here show very low delay with somewhere in the range of 1-8ms pings to Toronto servers.

#3) There are two technicians who come out to install the service for you. One is from Bell, and the other is from a third-party. They are supposed to set up a POTS splitter with a whole-house filter so you don't have to filter each individual phone. It provides better signal as well because there are fewer electric echoes travelling through your wires.

#4) If you're suffering from congestion, then clearing that up should definitely help your pings/latency/jitter. However, I've seen cases of FIFA players going mad trying to resolve the delay they experience when playing online. It's inherently a very laggy game.



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reply to sheva07
1- much less common on xDSL than Rogers cable
2- there is no "Fast Path" on VDSL2 but interleave depth = 0 (default without FibeTV whenever possible) is functionally equivalent
3- ADSL2 and VDSL2 use a central splitter either where the line enter the home/apartment for structured wiring installations or at the first jack for daisy-chained ones
4- I'm not much of a gamer and I'm in Quebec so I cannot comment on Rogers - Videotron was great performance-wise while I was with them


Toronto, ON
reply to sheva07

1. I have been with Bell on DSL, ADSL and now VDSL for ten years and never had any congestion issues. Speed tests always indicate a constant download speed. My friend, who has Rogers cable, has very variable speeds, although they are in the 'high' range.

2. Once Bell put me on some sort of VDSL interleave and my latency increased to 15-20 ms. I complained and I was switched back, after which the latency went back to 5-6 ms.

3. Although I am on a dry loop as I use VoIP services, Bell still installed a general 'POTS Splitter' filter. This is part of a wall phone outlet, so it is not at all visible. With this configuration no other filters are necessary.

4. I could not comment on this because I never had cable Internet. But I can tell you that VDSL is very fast, has low latency and is consistent. From what my friend tells me, cable can be faster but performance is less consistent and varies continuously.


Ajax, ON
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reply to sheva07
1) No
2) Yes, but that really depends on the install technician. Make sure you explain what you want when he's calling into Bell to activate the line.
3) Not anymore. They install a POTS splitter (a small square box) by the demarc.
4) Yes, my ping times went down from about 150 ms on cable to 20 ms on DSL. YMMV

Montreal, QC
reply to sheva07
Interleaved mode on VDSL2 adds about 11ms of latency. Latency without it will depend on how far from Toronto you are (you're in the GTA, so minimal).

In general, VDSL2 does much better with latency than ADSL/ADSL2+ did. It's closer to cable.
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reply to sheva07
I would recommend waiting until they fix the Sagemcom and it's verified to actually be fixed (late Oct, early Nov) or release the new modem is released (no timeline). That or sticking with ADSL. The reason being that #4 is a huge problem currently. On Fastpath VDSL has several major issues related to gaming.

One is connection blocking, I do gaming sessions frequently and I'll be unable to connect to one or more players with the Sagemcom. While this is nothing unusual, what is unusual is that as soon as I unplug it and switch to my old Cellpipe I'm able to connect to those people without issue (despite 4 times the ping rate).

Another is the sync-no-surf issue - this is what is being fixed in Oct/Nov. You'll simply stop being able to browse/lose connection in games/etc but the connection will appear to be perfect. Interleave fixes this for browsing but it comes at a huge cost for gamers. While it doesn't add a huge amount of latency, games are not designed to wait for data to arrive. They're designed to get the data or when possible, skip over data and move on. Interleave will send late packets which can confuse most games and cause unexpected drops, inability to connect, etc. (note this is not exactly what is happening technically, just an easy way of stating it which glosses over the details).

I've tested this extensively comparing how the Cellpipe behaves vs the Sagemcom on both Fastpath and Interleaved - the latter will result in double to triple the amount of time required to connect (if at all) and will result in disconnects far far more frequently. Many A list games are able to handle it but anything that uses generic XBL matchmaking, or a canned network package (most games) will have issues. There's also a noticeable difference in P2P.

Right now on a good day I won't get disconnected from XBL, on a bad day I'm disconnected from XBL every 5-15 minutes - or - on the Sagemcom I can just not even try because it's down more than it's up.

ADSL with your own modem/router where you can actually get something worth using is a joy.

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Ottawa, ON
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