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Live From Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Kailua Kona, HI
reply to Mele20

Re: Second bonded upstream channel disappears?

There is a difference between discussing and complaining, as you are aware. Your e-mails gradually descended between the latter. You blamed Oceanic for everything and refused to lift a finger. I tried to help you, but I can only do so much. Any self respecting individual would've stopped helping years ago, but I'm not like that. However, my patience ran out when you refused to take the last step and threw up barriers instead.

I did downgrade my service two years ago for a few months until Oceanic upgraded their network infrastructure.

Hilo, HI
Huh? You downgraded a couple of months ago also.

I thought we were FRIENDS. Friends do not treat each other like you did me. I don't think you really know what a friend is. I NEVER asked you to take the liberties you did and you should not have written to Oceanic management without first asking my permission since you mentioned me by name.

You got upset because the VP for Operations began ignoring your emails about your own speed problem. Then you got crazy and said I should downgrade to 3/384. I wondered why I should do that but you shouldn't since you were getting ignored about your problems.

I have all the emails between the two of us going back many years and they do not reflect what you claim. You keep no emails from anybody (you used to ask me for my copy of emails that you immediately deleted that had to do with Oceanic) so I doubt you recall any of this accurately. You are just mad because your emails to the VP of Operations got ignored because you kept bugging him about your problems and then added mine without bothering too tell me you planned to do that. I would have told you NO don't write him about my problem because it was obvious you were cooking your own goose with him and I sure didn't want you including me there. (I groaned when I got that first email from you about what you had done but I said nothing because you had already done it. So, I chose to be very nice instead and support what you did).

You even left Oceanic a few years ago for HawaiiTelcom because you pushed it too far with your own complaints. Eventually, you did the same thing with HawaiiTelcom.

I know you want to have the last say so go ahead but I will not reply any further and I will not read this thread again. Please don't send me a copy of your reply in an IM. If you have something else to say in an IM (like an apology) then that is fine but please no copy of your posts here sent also to me by IM.
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