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D-link modem with 2701HG-B Gateway as wireless access point

So I think my 2701HG-B is dying, so going to try a D-link DSL-520B modem. But I need wireless connectivity, so for now want to use the 2Wire gateway as an access point. Can I put the 2Wire in bridge mode (or not?), plug it into the DSL-520B modem and be good to go? Tons of people plugging the 2Wire into other routers, but I cant confirm modem->wireless gateway will work. Thanks.


said by Xeddicus5:

I need wireless connectivity, so for now want to use the 2Wire gateway as an access point. Can I put the 2Wire in bridge mode (or not?)

Here's a link to a FAQ that explains how to reconfigure the 2wire for bridge mode doing this will allow you to use the 2wire as a access point

»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »Bridge Mode for the 2Wire 2701HG-B



Yeah, I saw that, the problem is that like everything else that assumes you are adding a router to the 2Wire not using the 2Wire as only a router and not a modem at all. I wasn't sure if that mattered. I guess it doesn't? Thanks for the information.


reply to Xeddicus5

I tried doing this as a test briefly on my network. It seemed to work properly. My 2701 is broken right now so I can't check the settings pages. Here is what I did from memory:

Plug your computer into the D-Link only. Check your D-Link modem-router to see what DHCP range is served by the router. My non-D-Link modem-router happens to use thru Yours may be different. This means that the D-Link's DHCP server will assign an IP address in that range to client computers and devices.

Pick an IP address outside this range but within this network. For instance try Plug your computer into the 2-Wire only. You need to manually set the 2-Wire to this address in its configuration screens. You'll need to set the netmask too. In my case

Then you have to turn off the DHCP server on the 2-Wire in its configuration screens. When your are finished, you can plug a wire between the D-Link's LAN port and one of the 2-Wire's LAN ports.

When everything is set, you can see the configuration pages on the D-Link on its address ( and the 2-Wire's configuration page on the manually chosen address ( Any device on the 2-Wire's LAN ports or Wi-Fi will be given an address by the D-Link's DHCP server. Since the 2-Wire's IP address is outside the D-Link's DHCP range, it will not be in conflict with any other device.

It is good idea to write the 2-Wire's IP address on the 2-Wire's case itself. Without this address, you will not be able to change your Wi-Fi settings since the default hostname or IP address for the 2-Wire will not work.


Las Vegas, NV
reply to Xeddicus5

yes you can put it in bridgemode.


reply to bw5745

Thanks for the detailed breakdown, very much appreciated.