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Mcalester, OK

[Exede] Exede outages

I have had Exede many months and it has worked great. Now whenever the phone (landline) rings, my service shuts down. It comes back in 2-3 minutes. It works fine the rest of the time. Anybody got any ideas?


Goodwater, AL

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Are you using a wireless router?

I had similar experiences with my wifi losing connection when an incoming (or outgoing) phone call was in use with one of my cordless (landline) phones..

Seems the cordless phone signal was killing my router's wireless signal...

This may not be your case...my router is in the basement and my wifi laptop is upstairs and the cordless phone in use is also upstairs..

Just something to check if you are using cordless phones and a router.
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Fresno, OH
reply to fish1000
I agree with Bama. If you are using a wireless phone, is it on the same frequency as your wireless router? Certain wireless phone signals have been know to interfere with routers. Not sure why it would start all of a sudden though.


Mcalester, OK
No cordless phone. And the internet comes back in 2-3 minutes after ring, no matter how long the phone conversation lasts.


Marble Hill, MO
reply to fish1000
I wonder if a grounding issue could cause something like this? I dunno, it's just what came to mind when I read the symptoms.

Carlsbad, CA

The telephone line should be completely isolated from the AC for the house and from the coax cable between the Exede modem and TRIA.

In normal operation there is -48 VDC on the telephone line, but when it rings a 90 V 20 Hz AC voltage is added to the line.

Some how this is getting coupled into the Exede system. I agree with TonyKZ1 that the grounding of the Exede installation would be a good first place to look. Often the ground connection is in close proximity to the telephone entry box.

One possibility might be a bad surge suppression block where the telephone lines enter the house. This coupled with a marginal ground that is shared by the telephone and Exede system could be the culprit.

It's a starting place anyway.


Fresno, OH
reply to fish1000
I agree that it could be a grounding issue. One thing you could try is to unplug your phone from the outside entry box. Then call your landline phone number and see what happens.