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Baton Rouge, LA

[LA] Packet loss due to upstream channel loss

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During packet loss
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After packet loss
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Fully functional
Hello everyone. Over the past couple weeks I've been periodically experiencing brief spots of 5-15 dropped packets every 5 or so minutes. During this time frame my Upstream channels ranging status fluctuates between Aborted, Success and Continue. When service recovers, three of the four channels show Success, but one still shows "Aborted". Eventually all channels will show Success and my connection will remain stable for a few days until this process repeats (that is, the periods of fully working and partially failing last for a few days each). Attached are three modem screenshots detailing the three periods (during failure, after failure [but still showing one channel aborted] and fully functional).

This seems to only affect my upstream traffic as I've experienced the issue while on a UDP based phone call and can still hear the person I'm speaking with, but they're unable to hear me.

Could this be an issue with my modem, or the CMTS? Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for viewing.


Baton Rouge, LA
Please PM me your cable modem MAC and physical address and I will check on this for you.