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Tuscaloosa, AL
reply to skeechan

Re: What stops TWC from just pulling an Aereo?

I don't think there's a technical reason, aside from the fact that they'd have to run separate data streams for each antenna. The bigger hurdles are legal and economic. If they went the Aereo route, they'd have to fight the same legal battles Aereo is fighting. More than that, though, as much as the cable companies would want to ditch retrans fees, they really don't want Aereo's model to succeed. If it did, OTT video services would proliferate, which would end up making pay TV a commodity instead of something only cable can provide.


Victoria, BC

Not to mention Aero only works if a channel is broadcasting OTA. We know that ratings are down across the board and TV channels are shifting revenue from Advertising to carriage fees.

If there was a big shift from cable to something like aero and the TV channels and it hurt their bottom line (ie less carriage fees) I could see them starting to pull OTA.


Tuscaloosa, AL

Yep, they've already threatened to do just that. Still, even if that happened, I'm not sure what the outcome would be. Even if the networks pulled their content, most stations aren't owned by the networks, and the companies that do own them aren't going to go quietly into the night. They'll fill that programming void with something, and, although some may fill it with crap like infomercials, these stations will still want to attract viewers, so you may see either a revival of true independent stations or the emergence of new networks.