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Batesville, AR

[Speed] routing/connectivity issues again :/ helpppp

so the speed and routing issues with suddenlink have been insane still . i'm kind of to blame because i got busy with life stuff and didn't have time to care much about my internet being bad and never pm'd sdl l3tech. but now i can care again =)

»www.speedtest.net/result/2978874 ··· 4570.png our package is 50/3

»i.imgur.com/vAi4R5N.png theres the image from ping plotter pro and i will attach the sample set

SDL L3Tech

Tyler, TX
Hello espgodson, I have sent you a PM with further information.


Haughton, LA
reply to espgodson
Slightly off topic, why are you using a speedtest server that far away?


Clovis, NM
reply to espgodson
Like myself I like using the speakeasy interface and go down the list just to know what the average speeds are since internet surfing doesn't have the option of being close.
So long as they all are above 66% of peak and the favorable bias of the Chicago server lets me know my true download speed.

I got told by a call center tech not to use them go to speedtest.net OOkla is the best. Speakeay.net/speedtest isn't ookla.
I just had to open my mouth and call him a dumbass where he subsequently after 3 weeks of hunting crap down and doing stuff I am not supposed to do got him fired and banned from suddenlink services.
At least the upper levels at suddenlink care, still don't get a straight answer on weather the call centers are suddenlink or subcontracted by suddenlink. Either way They will and know how to give your phone number to those lovely illegal fake telemarketers.