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reply to hardstyler

Re: USG 100 as VPN server to surf the web via smartphone Android

thank you and another question:

if setting up a ddns service on the zyxel is no problem, the problem is another, the dynamic ip of my android device...isp changes ip but in these 2 days when I closed data connection and reactivated for testing, the ip was the same, but in 2 days I had 2 different IPs from the mobile isp. I know DynDNS provide an android app to solve this issue but how can I set that domain in the address objects? in the police routes of the zyxel for the vpn you must indicate am ip or ranges, is not possible to set ANY because, tried minutes ago, breaks also my isp connection.

But in this for sure I'm really newbie!


Phoenix, AZ
said by hardstyler:

but in 2 days I had 2 different IPs from the mobile isp

You are saying that the dynamic ip assignments by your mobile android device isp is breaking the connection to your zyxel. I just can't see that happening if you set up DDNS correcty.

Configuration>Network>DDNS>DDNS Settings

Make sure your Primary Binding Address>Interface is correct.

Monitor>DDNS Status should let you know if your dyn update is good.