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[colo] Colo - over Dedi/VPS/Reseler & When?

So the gist of this question upfront is...

When did YOU decide that going the colo route was right for you and your business? ?

Now the long form....

We use dedicated servers and VPS from a number of providers for very specific tasks... We also use a reseller account, or did, from a well know creature of the swamps till it imploded...We have since move our reseller and VPS systems out of this firm to other firms...

We currently do not use colo for any servers.. Those client needing servers of their own are using dedi right now, and our services are running in VPS(s) for their needs.

Some of the thoughts that have went into re-looking at COLO for some of our needs has been the implosion of the host and the inability to be FACE TO FACE with these people in a short amount of time, preferably less than 30 minutes, but absolutely less than 1 hour, max. Even if it means physically yanking a server out of a DC and putting it in our office for a short period...if that gets it back on line, so be it...

Yes. This means we would now be responsible for hardware, upkeep, spares, bonehead fat finger deletions, etc... but the fact that hardware and DC would probably be about a 15 minute drive, or less depending on circumstances and selected DC(s)...

So what was your tipping point to move from using other firms servers be they dedi, VPS, or reseller and move to your OWN HARDWARE VIA COLO? ?

We might review even moving the dedi(s) from their current host to our own colo depending on various factors... (Our dedi's do not reside with nor have they ever been with that swamp thing.. THANK GOODNESS!)

There lots of pros and cons for this... so I would be interested in those who finally made this jump.. and why? How it worked out or didn't work or imploded in your face etc...