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Grove, OK

Grove Oklahoma Suddenlink

Creating this post just to warn people who are poking around / considering going to Suddenlink Cable in Grove OK. I figure they will probably search for the town.

The town is basically one gigantic node, no channel bonding, just a huge chunk of town using channel 2. It's been slow since Feb. That's 7 months now of phone calls / messages / tech visits / etc. The node is over taxed.

Don't buy if in Grove simply put.

I'll delete / edit / update this post if they ever get it fixed. Been in contact with SDLL3Tech since Feb and they've been doing fixes here and there, but its been half a year now.

Here's some speed tests these past 2 days on 15 meg: »testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=0924201···anaustin

Here's some tests from late July: »testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=0729201···anaustin

Don't have results from Feb on this site, found out about it a couple months ago, but it was same thing, overtaxed during the day, fast at night.

DSL is sparse in areas, but I can say having it for 5 years, I always got what I paid for, if it was 12 meg it was always 12 meg no lag or problems. Hope it helps if you were considering.

SDL L3Tech

Tyler, TX
We have turned up Docsis 3 in grove and I can see that your modem is bonded to 4 channels now. Please retest.