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High ping & low speeds between 7-11pm Humboldt

For the past 3 weeks or so, my ping has been significantly higher than it used to be during peak hours that range starting anytime after 6pm to 11pm. Loading videos on youtube even in 360p proves to be a challenge, and doing anything other than looking at text becomes a frustrating experience.

I have tried to see if the ping was just related to one computer, or the router. However, I have tried different computers and plugging directly into the modem and there is no difference. I'm not running any P2P software, or downloading anything. One of the computers I tested on is essentially a bare copy of windows that hasn't been used for anything, and it has high ping as well.

Here's a trace route to google. Ping will often be fine periods of 3-10 minutes, with bursts of high latency. I believe I also experience packet loss (had an issue with it before a year or so back) because of disconnections while gaming online. If the trace route isn't enough to solve the issue, I can start logging on ping plotter.

Tracing route to google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  1    1 ms     1 ms    1 ms []
  2     8 ms     7 ms     9 ms []
  3     9 ms     8 ms     9 ms  173-219-251-210-link.sta.suddenlink.net [173.219
  4    17 ms    17 ms    16 ms  173-219-251-162-link.sta.suddenlink.net [173.219
  5    17 ms    16 ms    18 ms  eqixsj-google-gige.google.com []
  6    94 ms    83 ms    71 ms
  7    19 ms    18 ms    20 ms
  8    69 ms    30 ms    26 ms
  9   165 ms   156 ms   134 ms
 10    61 ms    60 ms    61 ms
 11   124 ms   153 ms     *
 12    62 ms    61 ms    62 ms  dfw06s38-in-f3.1e100.net []
Trace complete.

SDL L3Tech

Tyler, TX
Hello Humboldtguy. From the CMTS your modem is on in Eureka, I am seeing about 52ms latency to the Dallas server in your trace. This is the shortest path.

Are you seeing the latency spikes to the destination that your trace does not show? If so, PingPlotter would be preferred so I can see where the latency increase is starting. Also, please PM me your cable modem's MAC address and your current public IP address (»whatismyip.com).


As promised, here is some ping plotter action


SDL L3Tech

Tyler, TX
If you would, in PP please click File, save sample set, and attach that file to this thread. Thanks!


downloadping plotta.pp2.zip 141,600 bytes
ping plotter sample set
Hopefully that works!