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SB6120 issue.

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I had to buy a new CM from my local HSI provider today when my SB6120 decided to give up its ghost, with my local ISP and fiancée pushing that route. Before I even called my ISP, I did the usual power cycle, check the modem's web page, etc. Modem said its offline, as seen in picture 1. I get the new modem ($50 bucks, irrelevant.)and the MAC address for that modem authorized while I was at their office. I come back and behold my SB6120 says its operational as seen in picture 2. I call my ISP's CSR and ask to switch my MAC address back to the SB6120 to see if my modem still works. No dice. I am supposed to have 4 channels bonded on the downstream. It always did execpt for today, and my new modem is following suit with bonding 4 channels on the downstream. The SB6120 doesn't seem to be bonding any down stream channels even though it says its operational. Any ideas anyone? This is merely for sport at this point. Picture 3 is how it sits right now. I am aware that the ranging service id for the upstream is n/a and the ISP rep said that the "graphs" are showing my modem as faulty.


I can't tell you why you had your original problem with the SB6120, but if that particular modem is no longer assigned to your ISP account, that is probably the reason that you don't see channel bonding.

I have been told that my ISP (Comcast) does not allow channel bonding on a DOCSIS3 modem until it is activated for your account, and I suspect that is a common practice (why bother bonding channels for a modem that can't be used?).


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My SB6120 did something similar when my ISP (Cox) moved from 3 downstream and 1 upstream channel bonding to 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels. On the day they made the switch my SB6120 refused to do channel bonding and went to 1 downstream and 1 upstream channel and reported itself as "offline" until I rebooted it. At that time, it functioned, but without any channel bonding. Cox was mystified, but a number of 6120 users reported the same thing. When a Cox tech came out and connected a 6580 it synched up instantly with 8 down and 4 upstream channels. I have to think that whatever config file my ISP uploaded to the SB6120 is not compatible with the changes they made to attain 8 x 4 configurations. Cox has never clarified what happened so I am assuming they are not highly motivated to explore the issue. I bought a motorola 6580 and it has run fine so I haven't looked back.
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