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Awful service, no resolution after months

I've been patiently (too much so, it seem) dealing with Suddenlink and the horrible packet loss I've been dealing with.

Went with their 30MB package as I do a lot of streaming (Amazon movies and TV), as well as gaming. Actually a bit of overkill, as I'm the ONLY person using this connection.

Along with the higher-tier TV package, I pay quite a bit - and too much for something that is unreliable.

Streaming dies repeatedly, games disconnect, broadcast TV often has lost pixels-loss of resolution-crappy picture-NO picture, whatever you want to describe it as.

And after repeated visits by techs, nothing is changed.
e-mail to regional VP resulted in local tech manager visiting - can't see the problem. Doesn't happen during the 2 hours he is here.

Have sent screenshots of speedtests showing high packet loss.
Downloaded PingPlotter, and sent screenshots of THAT capturing high packet loss.

And still NOTHING.

After digging, it seems this issue is not so uncommon with Suddenlink.

I'm thinking it's time to switch to the competition, even though their packages are not as good. Slower but RELIABLE is better than blazing fast and loss of data!!


Charleston, WV

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Sorry to hear about your problems. A lot of people usually have no success with the local techs that come to your place to check on these issues, because they're just a lower level tech most of the time and can only do what they know at a lower level. Most of the time it's true, the issue has nothing at all to do with your equipment or lines. It is usually something inside or outside of the plant that has to be tracked down and fixed. Only a higher level tech from your local area/plant can track down whatever the issue may be.

You've come to the right place here as there are two or three higher level people who visit the forums here at least every other day. They have the capability of taking a look at your issue and are able to find the source of the problem most of the time. It may take some time for the issue to be resolved to to them having to actually keep track and trace the problem, but most of the time, it will get fixed, so please be patient and keep in touch.

Here are the list of approved forum members from Suddenlink... »Approved Suddenlink Tech Support Agents

SDL L3Tech would be your best bet on this issue. Please send him a PM and also include your current IP (whatismyip.com) and your modems MAC address. You can also try SDLshannon.

Thanks and good luck!