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Yahoo's & Microsoft's Free WebMails

said by Anonymous_:

microsoft outlook claims no ads

MS Outlook WebMail UI :

In addition to my longer-standing Yahoo accounts, I've had a HotMail account for several years, and am re-evaluating the function and feel of it too, along with all of the rest, because MS forced a UI change on us too, earlier this year IIRC.

But it DID have ads, the last time I was in there this summer - a whole stack of them, over on the right.

They are not necessarily Flash-based, but DO seem to chew up a lot of system resources on my PC (mostly CPU), when used in IE8 - and I prefer IE8 for most other stuff.

= = = = = = =

Yahoo WebMail UI's :

And, after a couple of months of using the Yahoo MOBILE login while I evaluated the other providers' WebMail offerings, I HAVE allowed my Yahoo accounts to 'Side-Grade' to the 'NEW' Yahoo interface.

One of my reasons for doing this was that the Yahoo MOBILE UI received a makeover too, about a month ago, and THAT change caught me off-guard.

I tried the new Basic interface at first (in IE8), then the Full one because the Basic was missing some features to which I had grown accustomed in their old Classic UI.

The new Yahoo Full UI is a horrible memory hog for me in IE8, so I went back to the Basic one.

Then, one day, after a power outage and forced shutdown/restart, I tried Yahoo in FireFox 14 on my XP beast.

It defaulted THERE to the Full interface (cookie ?), so I have been testing it in FireFox during the last couple of weeks, as it seems less memory thirsty there.

The new Yahoo Full interface gave me back the features/functions which had been stripped from the old Classic to more-or-less make the new Basic, plus and some more.

One welcome new touch is that it lets the user specify the tightness of the spacing of the message titles in the mailbox displays, so that you can get more of them on a screen without scrolling - The default is not the tightest - I think it's the middle of the 3 choices.

Yahoo's new Full interface actually doesn't work too badly, but I am still annoyed about their scanning to deliver targeted ads, though I was offered (and accepted) a page where it said that I could opt out of the scanning - I THINK.


This is the direct link to that page, where it also told me that my IE8 browser was 'unsuitable' for their context-sensitive ad methodology.

This browser currently does not qualify for interest based ads.

Ensure you are opted in to see categories that this browser may qualify for.

It remains unclear to me though, whether this observation on Yahoo's part means that they would or would not bother to SCAN my emails anyway.