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SAM Hunter$


reply to BrianDamage06

Re: No Class

You miss the point.

You said that you can't belong to any religion because... "I have a problem with it if it starts to perpetuate intolerance, injustice, racism, and murder.
That's the primary reason I don't belong to any religion, specifically....because of the rampant hypocrisy associated with most of them."

The exact same thing you've said about religion is true about all organizations to various degrees with regards to chapters, individuals, certain representatives and so on. Everyone of them have people or representatives, (no matter how few or non-representative of the majority) who "perpetuate intolerance, injustice, racism, and murder." Therefore, you couldn't belong to anything like the NRA, ACLU, Masons, NAACP, etc.

Your standards are unreasonable and the basis for your conclusion is illogical because of reasons I've stated. By your logic and standard religion is no different than any other organization in the context of those attitudes and hypocrisy they perpetuate at some level.
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We Are The Hounds From Hell
Rowlett, TX

I will concede that to "varying degrees" like you describe, that these problems exist on other levels. I don't remember ever having dismissed that.
But, they are as not as significant as is religion in its' base forms, however.
A lot of organizations, individuals, chapters, etc., that you describe base their philosophies and by-laws, etc., on laws that are otherwise founded in religious principles.
My most poignant point is that out of all reasons people may have to do what they do, justify their actions, and legitimize their philosophy(ies), etc., they all mostly have a basis in some religious belief or another.
Sinn Fein did what they did out of religious belief. The PLO do what they do out of religious belief. The Israelis and the Jews do what they do out of religious belief. UBL, AlQuada, and the Taliban do what they do out of religious belief. We do what we do out of religious belief. These are all obviously recent examples. I could go on.
That's my point.
I also believe though that many religions of today have been horribly perverted from their original intents. Islam is a good example of this. Guys like Mullah Mohammed OMar and Usama bin Laden have twisted the Muslim religion to suit their own ends, just as many others have. Yassar Arafat, Benjamin Netanyahu, Saddam Hussein, and even Ariel Sharon are guilty of this, in my opinion.
That's a whole other rant. But I hope you see what I am trying to point out here.
We've got our eye on the firmaments, our hand on the armaments, our heads full of arguments, and words for our monuments.....