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[DIRECTV] upgrading a DTV receiver myself, provider lies

I recently had a Tivo unit die. It's an old Tivo that isn't being sold any more but it's fine for me and I wasn't looking to upgrade to HD - I just wanted my Tivo back working, so I bought a used unit thinking I could swap the power supply and bring it back to life (as I'd done before) however in this case, the motherboard was bad, and when I swapped MPUs, the unit would not come up or say I had an active card.

I called DirecTV customer service and they told me I was SOL and I had to buy their newer systems to make things work. I had a working DirecTV Tivo unit they would not authorize and said there's no way it would work. I ended up doing a full erase/reset and the unit did work. It's obvious their reps are telling lies to upsell their customers on more expensive services. The end result is I can't trust what I hear from DTV reps (who would not refer me to their supervisors or other tech people even though I asked multiple times - they insisted they knew what would and wouldn't work -- which was a lie).

So now I am at a point where I want to put a Tivo DVR on my other cable box which is just a regular one. I thought I could take my valid access card and put it in the Tivo unit like I did with my other one, and erase and restart the system but it isn't working. Is there something I can say to the DTV reps to send the signal to make my card work with the new receiver? I am not trying to steal any services - I've been a loyal customer for 10+ years. I just want to use an older DVR instead of their tuner -- I know it's compatible because I have another unit that I rebuilt... perhaps the problem is I have to get a Tivo subscription for this second unit? I don't mind doing that - I just need to make sure I know what to say to the rep so they don't BS me again and try to tell me it can't be done when I know it can. Any advice?

Bronx, NY
I assume you're talking about the old Series 2 TiVos. Swapping the access card depends on if the receiver is a "RID" model or not (Receiver ID). The HDVR2 and similar models did not have a separate RID number to pair the card to the box, so the access card is transferable. DirecTV will no longer activate a non-RID TiVo as far as I know. The RID models require you to call in and have a CSR re-enter the RID for that particular access card.

There's some (possibly outdated) info here:
»www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/sh ··· t=305017

They claim if you have a non-RID TiVo with an access card listed in the system as "owned", it will still work.

You can try to call in to DirecTV and follow the prompts as if you had a "not authorized" or "not activated" message. The automated system used to push out a "hit" to reactivate the cards on the account, but I'm not sure if it still does this or if it would work for a RID receiver.
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