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Bakersfield, CA
·Bright House

wireless repeater with two channels?


I'm looking to remedy some deadspots in the wifi coverage in the house. I can't move the router from where its at so I thought maybe I can get a device that will pick up the existing wireless and repeat it on another channel. like this:

(router)-----channel 11-------(AP)-----channel 1-----(device)

Does anyone know of such a device or combination of devices to achieve this?
Thanks in advance.
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Dartmouth, NS

I recommend wiring if it all possible over repeating and in fact would try power line products before a repeater. Anything of the latest ilk should suffice.


Hmm maybe when they put the MIMO chipsets in these units they will really hum.
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Spring Hill, FL
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reply to OmagicQ

I have a setup that would accomplish what you are looking to do. But I did it for different reasons.

I needed wired connectivity in my stepson's bedroom at the other end of the house for a smart TV, an X-Box, and a Blu-Ray player. So, I installed a wireless bridge. It works perfectly. Despite the fact that the bridge consistently is able to maintain AC wireless speeds, he complains he can't get a good wireless signal on his laptop. So, I plugged in an AP I had lying around that I used up at my old house. I configured it, and my stepson has his own SSID.

The bridge I have is a Cisco/Linksys WUMC710.


They are a little cheaper on eBay vs Amazon or Best Buy,

The AP I am using is a TrendNet TEW-637AP that I've had for like 3-4 years.


There are other ways to do this. You could, as suggested above, use a powerline adapter setup and plug an AP into that.
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