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My PC won't connect to my wireless router

Sorry if this sounds simple but I am absolutely crap when it comes to technology !! I have just had broadband, phone and TV installed and my ipad, iphone and other phones recognise the wireless router without a problem. However, my Acer PC will not pick this up. I spoke to the provider and they said that my PC wasn't wireless enabled and I would need a wireless adapter. I bought one of these and installed it and it appeared to pick up the wireless router, it then asked for the password of the router which I added but it still won't connect.
The PC is in a different room to the router which I don't think is the issue and in the past I have had the same PC working in a different house when it was connected via an ethernet cable. Anyone got an idea what the issue could be and how I can resolve it ?

Many thanks

Acer PC -- desktop or laptop?

If laptop, I'd be VERY surprised if it didn't have inbuilt wireless capabilities, unless it was a very old generation laptop.

Also, what wireless are you using? Wireless-G? Wireless-N? Wireless-AC?

Is the corresponding wireless card on the Acer matching the above wireless type?

Is the corresponding wireless card on the Acer matching the security type of your wireless -- ie. is it WEP? WPA? WPA2?

Are you even using the right password when trying to connect?

For chuckles :
a) does another wireless device have the same problem as the Acer and cannot connect?
b) can said Acer PC connect to another wireless network, like a friend or neighbor's -- get permission before trying this.
c) turn off all security on your wireless and try connecting -- of course, this is only to TEST. I wouldn't run for an
extended amount of time in this mode.

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reply to FCJunior
I spemt 3 hours one night having a similar issue. Dang PC wouldn't connect to the wireless to save my life. I was positive I was entering the correct password and everything.
I eventually logged into the router to double check my wifi password.

*face palm* the password was different from what I was using. A few months ago I changed the password to "kick the kids" off of the Internet. Then a few weeks ago, I saw "limited" on my wireless connection so told my PC to forget the access point. And of course I had forgotten that I had changed the wifi password.

I would first try hooking up the PC by ether cable just to see if router is working. Unless there are other devices that are seeing the router and connecting to the network. But still, I'd go with a physical check first. Meaning hook the PC up to the ether port and see what occurs.
Then check the hardware installed on the PC to see if it's wifi enabled. If not, grab a usb wifi network card [not my preferred choice].
My choice would be a powerline network adapter, as that allows you to move your pc to any room in the house, and still connect to the network, over the house's power lines. They have improved in bandwidth, and are actually easy to use.

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