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Fat PS3 with RLOD - any permanent fixes?

A few days ago, I was given a fat, first-generation 60GB PS3 that is experiencing the infamous RLOD. The console refuses to stay on for more than 5 seconds. The fan would spin for a short moment and stop, and then the light below the power button would turn from green to yellow for a split second, and then to a blinking red.

I have never owned a gaming console before, so the thought of having a repaired PS3 to play around with is quite attractive. I have looked around online, but there doesn't seem to be any permanent fixes for this condition. I found a shop that will fix this - $80 if successfully, $30 if not. Is it worth the gamble?
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Only permanent solution is to have it reballed.

The most common fault for the problem is the lead-free ball-grid solder used for the primary CPU & GPU in the PS3, which through several hot/cold cycles would weaken to the point that the chip(s) lose contact with the board. A proper reballing process de-solders these chips and replaces the solder with some leaded solder capable of handling the higher temperatures and hot/cold cycles better.

Here's a link I found that does it: »www.ps3repairshop.com/ps3-ylod-reball.html
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