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Question about SL's Arris Telephony modem

Does the Suddenlink Arris telephony modem have to have a coax cable connected to it in order to work? I am re-doing all of our cabling in preparation for a CCTV we are going to install, and would like it if the telephony modem did not have a coaxial cable in it. I notice it has a ethernet port. Since it is basically a VoIP modem, shouldn't it in theory work if connected via ethernet to my router, or does it have to have it's own coax connection?


It has to be hooked up the coax in order to communicate on the cable plant back to the head end. The Ethernet is used to hook up to a router or computer if the modem has been provisioned for data. All of your incoming and outgoing calls come over the coax that's connected to suddenlinks cable plant.


Alright cool so technically in that sense it's not really a VoIP device like MagicJack or Skype but rather "voice over coax"? I am just curious what exactly this thing is ever since switched to from DSL to cable at my business. I was surprised when I learned that not only will we have one modem for internet, but another, huge 18 inch modem attached to the wall in our breaker room, with wires going all over the place. I'm not complaining as all 5 lines plus 2 fax lines work great, I'm just curious what else this can do since it's so new to me. I read in the manual this thing can do internet in addition to telephony. Do you think SL would let me hook up a router to this, giving our business a wider radius of wifi coverage? The single router is downstairs and the second floor doesn't get good reception from downstairs.


Tyler, TX
It is VoIP. The IP is over Coax (hence Cable modem). If you connected Magic Jack to your computer, that is connected to a cable modem, it would be the same thing. VoIPoCoax.

The Arris MTA is SL's way of protecting their VoIP service. And you shouldn't need a seperate cable modem for internet since the MTA has an ethernet port too.

reply to alec6542
The coax is the "cable" that gets you onto the internet via your "cable" ISP. Disconnect that and you become an island... The job of the modem is to convert between voice and "cable" and to also convert between Ethernet and "cable". See how important "cable" is in this scenario?


On commercial accounts suddenlink will setup the MTA and Data modem separately. On residential they will provision the MTA with voice and data. At least in the system i work commercial accounts always keep the MTA and Data separate. I can tell you have the 8 port MTA that will allow up to eight numbers provisioned to one MTA as opposed to the typical residential MTAs that only have 2 voice ports. To answer your question about the router, no you cannot hook a router up to your Arris modem as it is not provisioned with data. You would need to hook any networking equipment to your other modem.