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[DSL] Ottawa area Connection Issues

Been experiencing connection issues since mid August in Ottawa. Spoke to a TSi rep on Saturday October 5th, connection didn't go through, manager to try a few different steps, including putting router/modem directly into client access point, still no go. Back inside, hard reset, ADSL comes on, good to go and drops hours later. I have called to have a work order placed, but was told that if there are no errors on Bell's end I will have to eat the fee. Is there any outages I am not aware of? Also, how to determine Bell won't just wipe their hands and say there is no issue then I need to pay the bill to the ISP for internet I have had 35% access to, then on to pay a $90 fee because some plug at Bell doesn't want to own up to something. Sorry I'm not very technical, just frustrated as the network worked great when I first signed up in late May, early June, now I cannot even connect.

Any help in the matter would be appreciated.


Ottawa, DSL
·TekSavvy DSL
I have no problems with my vdsl near Algonquin College.

I would try a different modem at the demarc point.
If it doesn't stay stable there it is very likely Bell's end.

You're NOT using wireless are you?
When you say drop, you actually lose sync and you can see that in the modem stats?


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It is a router/modem combo (TPS-LINK W8961ND) and when I connected it to the Customer Access point, no ADSL signal. We went back inside, re connected it, and it booted back up, which the TSi rep found odd. It was good for a few hours, direct connection and wifi, then lost all connections and my Power icon and WIfi are lit up. It is a walk up condo with 3 units, and the basement apt just installed Distributel (also thru Bell) and I wonder if something got messed up then. I had some issues before but nothing like this and am told there are no outages besides Stittsville.


Ottawa, ON
No issues here in Kanata.


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I get a weak signal in the northern part of Ottawa. I live on a farm and live quite a ways from civilization.


Kitchener, ON
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I always thought TP link was kinda crappy. Do you have another modem to try ?


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Internet down in Carp! Sometime after 2am. Yes, Carp is part of Ottawa, unfortunate/tragic thing that damned amalgamation!

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