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[OhDoh] How a cartoon brought back a strange memory!

I get a long list of cartoons daily in an email. Calvin and Hobbes abruptly threw me into my long-ago past and brought up a crazy childhood memory. I promptly emailed it to all of my siblings, and got these responses from two of my sisters. A phone call ensued as soon as I got the email from Annette. I'm still laughing tonite -- LOL!!!

Original email out.

I just saw this in my daily comics -- and just howled!!!

Do you remember this from when we were little kids? You and I decided that we needed a boy in the family. So, underneath the big tree by the driveway on Mosley Road, you sat on the trike, and I played "barber" on your hair -- and cut it all off! I thought Mom was going to have a heart attack, and then she started to cry; you did have beautiful hair. You got a trip to the beauty shop up on Olive, and I got in bigtime trouble for whacking off your hair -- as I deserved.

I'm still wiping away the tears from this memory -- LOL!!!


From Irene.

I remember it perfectly. Mom was laying on the couch when we went in the house to tell her the good news that she had a boy now. I remember her eyes opening wide and her mouth an O. Don't remember going to the beauty shop however. I don't remember her crying nor do I remember you getting in trouble. I was probably about 5.

From Annette.


I personally do not recall my being your "sitter" at the "Tricycle Salon" but do remember a hack job you did for Irene. There are pictures to prove it, complete with the missing chunk of bangs dead center on her forehead. Perhaps I was your second customer and found the styling so inspired it belies memory. Phyl recalls Irene being traded in for a boy. Oh how funny!

The family hair I find most memorable is Katie's. A gnarled mass of raven knots which Irene and I attacked one afternoon while Kati sat on the picnic table in Main Street's back yard. The styling equipment consisted of that pair of huge, dull, rusty black scissors. The look improved her appearance immensely.

So along this harried path of memory, one springs to mind...
Aunt Ann had brain surgery after an aneurysm. She returned home with a partially shaved head, much to our child's intrigue, astonishment, and wonderment.
Pray tell, where was her hair? The mystery resolved itself that Nov. 3 when Grandmother gifted you a darling green dress coat with black velveteen buttons and a gray curly mutton collar. There is was, Aunt Ann's hair beautifully refashioned and sported as your new coat's collar!

Wonders never cease in the minds of small children.


I have to tell you guys -- I've been laughing all day about this, and will probably laugh for a long time to come!

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