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Go Away

I've never seen let alone set up a BB 10 device, but I do know that I've never set up a BES-equipped pre-10 BB and not have it be an exercise in hair-pulling frustration. It's almost inconceivable how unintuitive these devices are, and this is coming from a guy who loved his Bold 9000 back in 2008. They've aged about as well as an avocado in the hot sun.


Tuscaloosa, AL
Ain't that the truth!

I once had to set up a coworker's Curve. OMG, that was painful! I never had to go through so many steps just to get a stupid POP3 account set up on a device.


Cleveland, OH
reply to Oedipus
The bb OS 10 devices are a lot better. Just no apps.



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reply to Oedipus
I've set up about 300 pre-10 devices on a BES and it always took me about 5 minutes. As long as Blackberry exists, I support them

North Tonawanda, NY
reply to sonicmerlin
Why use apps when a halfway decent web browser can do just that and more?


reply to Oedipus
Settings, Accounts, Add, Email, give the address, give the password, and 95% of the time it "just works". Done.

In the remaining 5%, you can specify IMAP/POP3/various other protocols, servers, ports, encryption/authentication details, and a few other things like whether to use Push, download whilst roaming, but I think the only time I needed to do that was when the IMAP server had a hard-to-guess name like "omega" instead of "mail" or "imap" or used a non-standard port or something

Repeat for "Add, Facebook", Twitter, LinkedIn, Evernote, various calendars if you want. I think I had 6 accounts set up in less than 5 minutes total.

Adding the work account involved visiting one self-sign-on page on the BES to set an activation password, and then repeat the above: Add, Email, give the address, give the activation password, then wait maybe 30 seconds to set up the secure container thing and sync all your calendar/contacts/mail/notes but then its done.

That said, I never took longer than about 5 minutes on the old BES5 either, it was certainly much quicker than any iOS/Android manual setup I've ever had to do.