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[Cable] My first terrible experience with TekSavvy

First, let me start with saying that I've been with you guys for 2 years now, and this is the first time that I've had an unbearable experience to the point where, as a household, we're considering paying more for Rogers or Bell just to get internet back.

It all started mid August when I put in two requests, one for a modem swap and one for a move to a new place. Since I was with you guys for 2 years, i was still on the 18 plan and was switching to Cable 25, so I needed a new modem. Knowing the delay times I've put in my requests mid-August.

Due to a mistake, that wasn't even adequately explained to me, the modem swap took longer than expected, way into September, meaning that we didn't actually receive internet at our place until September 30th when the tech finally came and connected it. That's a 30 DAY! disconnect between when we needed it and when it actually happened. And that's just the start.

In the process of that, because of whatever it was that happened with the modem swap I actually cancelled my existing account with you guys and signed up for a new one because a rep told me that would be easier and faster, and I wouldn't have to wait for Cable 25 after the swap (as my original plan would be the one getting transferred). Great, did that only to find out that they charged me for both the MOVE and the new SET UP, which I thought the rep would be smart enough to waive. Whatever, a quick call to finance sorts that issue out and I get my money back on that.

Now, the fun begins.

A week after, Monday, September 7 our internet goes and I call-in TekSavvy tech support. She runs a few tests through me (and here is where I wish I started writing things down) and says that a 10. IPv4 says that my modem is not provisioned and Rogers have for some reason disconnected me, at which point I have to wait for a tech for 7 more days to come in and reactivate it. Fine. I bite the bullet, explain it to my roommates, still back TekSavvy as our provider even though they want to switch.

The tech showed up yesterday morning and did everything, except, there is still no internet. Now, I'm getting a little bit more worked up. I call your tech support, run more tests, modem diagnostic, power levels, everything. I've done this so many times with TS that I can actually do it on my own and figure out what it all means. In the end however, we arrive at a 10. IP. So I think, "great, according to previous explanation I need to wait another 7 days for the tech." Except now, what started out as a DHCP issue (before the modem reset) is now an RF issue. I of course get fed the official party line of 24-48 hours, put in your ticket, blah blah blah blah. Now when I'm home I just stare at my modem UP light flash at a rate of 3 seconds on 3 seconds off and await my internet coming back. And if you're counting it's been the whole of September + a week of October (going on 2). Sorry, but this is unacceptable from my service provider.

TS phone reps are really nice, and I've had pleasant interactions, but all of that does not make up for the fact that I have not received any semblance of proper service. Even when I asked about some sort of reimbursement on my bill for service lost their response is a very unsure "maybe" and "I'm not sure what you can do," when it should be "of course, you haven't gotten the service you pay us for every month, so you don't have to pay for this stretch." It's not that hard of a business model.

And yes, there are ways to do without internet without getting in a panic, but here is how it affected me in a real way:
- I had to work from home for 2 days because I was ill, that's two days of teathering through my phone and completely destroying my phone data for the month.
- My roommate is a master's student who needs to do a lot of work, he'd prefer to do it from home
- We have no cable, so instead we have signed up for other online streaming services like NFL Gamepass, yet, are not able to take advantage of that, TekSavvy basically made us throw away a part of that money
- I also have a side job where I write and have to submit stuff to my editor electronically, and do research online. I am close to missing deadlines and have to come home from work and then leave my home to get something done I should be able to safely do at home.

Look, I get it, TekSavvy is dependent on Rogers and Rogers wants nothing more than for the company to die, but it seems like TekSavvy is not prepared to fight either. They're just reaching for the lowest hanging fruit, which in this case is me it seems. I mean, I like that they're socially active, I like that they respond quickly, but it doesn't fix the shitty infrastructure and set up that they have with Rogers.

The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
said by Shade1XD:

As much as I appreciate the CEO (or his stand-in) roaming forums and social media I'd much rather they were trying to lobby CRTC for more changes and protection that gave better service to customers, using examples like these to build their case.

They are. It's here: »[Cable] CRTC - CNOC Part 1 Cable Carrier Services & Update

You can submit your story to the CRTC if you feel Rogers delayed your activation (which it sounds like they did).

TSI Jonathan
reply to Shade1XD
Hi Shade1XD,

I do want to thank you for bringing this experience to our attention. It seems to have been quite the frustrating experience and would I definitely would like to change that experience. We did have lengthy delays with our vendor in the time period where we were addressing your requests.

The placing a new order instead of a move was definitely quicker at that time and some things should have been followed up on better on our side. We are no longer experiencing delays as bad as they were but this did result in the link The Mongoose brought up. If you don't mind sharing that experience under the following link:


It will definitely help us in what we are trying to accomplish which is exactly what you brought up in the end of your post.

From what I am understanding, you are currently still offline and I would like to look into alternatives to get you back online ASAP. Could you please PM me your account information so that I can review your account and look into those alternatives with you? TSI Jonathan See Profile

Thank you,

TSI Jonathan
Online Experience Manager
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.


reply to The Mongoose
Alright, I wasn't fully aware of that and I apologize for the assumption. Will edit my initial post.

The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
said by Shade1XD:

Alright, I wasn't fully aware of that and I apologize for the assumption. Will edit my initial post.

Not everyone can be expected to keep up with all the activity. You had a crappy experience and you're understandably frustrated...it's a sadly common story lately. Step one has to be working to actually resolve the issue.

From that point onward, who you choose to blame and what you choose to do about it is up to you. My advice would be to file with the CRTC against Rogers. This is their doing and it's not an accident. Even the horrible hold times you experienced are a result of Rogers screwing over hundreds/thousands of customers just like they did to you.

Either way, I hope it gets cleared up for you ASAP and you get refunded any downtime.


reply to Shade1XD
Just a quick update.

TekSavvy does in fact have terrific customer service. Since this post, Jonathan reached out to me via DM and went above and beyond to try and restore our service, unfortunately, all with no success.

A little background:

Since the issue ensued, we have heard about 4 different explanations for what is happening with our service (even though the week prior everything was perfectly fine).

1. Rogers has disconnected you, you need another tech to come by and re-activate your line. (DONE, Nothing)
2. DHCP Issue. (Investigated, not the case)
3. Provisioning Issue (Nope, apparently modem is provisioned and locked).
4. RF Signal issue (Not sure where that one is going)
5. Another technician has to be dispatched again (the modem has lower upstream frequency power levels, around 32.3 on three channels as oppose to the 35-49 range I should be getting). Three days were requested for this technician, obviously first one being Saturday, but given my history I wouldn't be surprised if no one came until Tuesday.

Through this whole process, Jonathan has been exceptional, courteous and seriously exceeded my expectations for dealing with any tech company. I really appreciate all of the work he put into trying to get us back online and even thinking of alternatives (unfortunately, I will not buy another modem just to switch to DSL when we know cable can work perfectly fine in our house).

There seems to either be miscommunication or something else between Rogers and TSI. I'm not sure where it's coming from, I'm not sure where the actual issue gets lost or who keeps mis-identifying it. It sucks. The natural instinct is to presume that the resistance is coming from Rogers. Unfortunately, I don't have the information to make an assumptions and while TSI and Rogers play this tug-of-war on a larger scale in front of the CRTC, we are the one who lose.

Before I get too carried away, I just wanted to use this moment to point out how great the customer service side of TekSavvy is. Simply phenomenal, but regretfully if this next ticket doesn't resolve our issue, we will have to move on to a different ISP, even if that means paying more and signing up with one of the scary big companies. Because the alternative is sitting in the metaphorical dark of the information age.

/Rant over

TL:DR - TekSavvy is great but there need to be policy changes that make issue resolutions such as mine more effective and timely.


St Catharines, ON

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Shade - I'll give you some perspective from the point of view of an independent ISP. I was in the business for about 17 years. Still am, but I work for someone else, now, so I don't have to deal with the incumbents. Thank god.

You're frustrated at Teksavvy because of the issues. We all understand that. But you've said twice that because of these issues, you're considering moving to Rogers "even if we have to pay more." And that is *exactly* why these problems exist. I don't think that there is any doubt whatsoever that the problems you're having, along with the problems that so many others are having, are manufactured by the incumbent carrier. It's a tactic. Bell has used similar tactics in the past, now its Rogers turn. Even if they aren't specifically disrupting service, they *are* beyond a doubt, dragging their feet on resolving issues that TPIA customer are reporting.

It's not just Teksavvy customers, either. I've been in the industry a long time, and I know people that work at a number of IISPs scattered around Ontario. Almost all of them are running into the same issues. Rogers takes days, or even weeks, to respond to their trouble tickets. I said "respond" - what I mean is to even send a acknowledgement that they are looking into it.

From an IISP point of view... what is my recourse? There isn't one. I can complain to the CRTC. We did that... back when Bell started throttling P2P, and pushing for UBB. That was a 5 year argument. I can't very well tell you "be patient, the CRTC is involved" knowing how fast they're likely to move on the issue. Rogers and Bell know this. And they abuse the situation. They act now, apologize later - later, when it's already cost the independents a significant chunk of their user base. Who benefits? Bell, and the cable companies.

This is what is broken about the market in Canada - I, as an independent ISP, can't exist or do business without buying essential services from a company that the CRTC has allowed into my market. I have no choice but to rely on a competitor for essential services. "Build your own network!" is the obvious answer. Sure, no problem. Your internet service is now double what Bell and Rogers charge. I'm out of business. And again, who benefits? The incumbents.

I got into the business before Bell, before Rogers, before.. well, honestly, before Teksavvy. Back then, I was a valued customer - we spent thousands of dollars a month on phone lines, T1 lines, etc. Our success made the industry attractive to the incumbents... and Bell, at least, lost all interest in the revenue I generated for them. They moved into an adversarial relationship, started talking about how we were "piggybacking" on their network, how we were abusing the services that we paid *huge* bucks for. And then the Dept. of Dirty Tricks came into play - I'd have DSL customers calling me to tell me that the Bell service guy that I just sent out to fix their internet told them "if you were with Bell, you wouldn't have this problem." Or that he offered to sign them up on "a special friends and family package, just use my badge number..." Note - again, I had no choice - if I wanted the repair done, I had to involve Bell... and they used every repair call as an opportunity to poach my customers. Totally in violation of CRTC winback rules... but it's easier to ask forgiveness then permission.

So, you're having an issue with your internet, and as the obvious target, Teksavvy is taking the brunt. I get it. I do. And if you do decide to move, for heaven sake *don't* move to Rogers. Doing so just encourages them to do the same thing to the next guy that has a service issue. And then they win.


reply to Shade1XD
I had some "fun" with my move+upgrade order on DSL too... the rep who took my original order forgot to ask my new address' phone number so the order got rejected by Bell. I think the rep got a bit confused about the order too; it would have been simpler to simply say cancel current service + new order than move + upgrade... same price anyway.