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reply to baess

Re: Yahoo email forced upgrade (again)

said by baess:

My laptop updated to the newest Yahoo email but not my desktop. Desktop is running IE8 vs. IE9 on the lappy. Could that be why?

I'm not thrilled with the latest version but I'd rather have them consistent so I'd like it on my desktop. No way to ask Yahoo about it of course. One idiot on Yahoo Answers said they are rolling it out gradually. Even if they were it's the same email account dimwit, updated on one computer and not the other.

Try telling IE to use 'Compatibilty Mode' for the Yahoo Mail site on the newer PC, and do not put IE9 into the older machine, even if you can.



I already have the newest Yahoo email on the laptop (IE9). I'll deal with it. I want it on the Desktop (IE8) so I have consistency.

On the desktop I cleared all Yahoo related Cookies, disabled Javascript (which got me to Basic), all to no avail. Apparently the newest Yahoo email is a no go with IE8. Which I believe is still one of the heaviest used browsers.

No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
START Today!

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The owner of DSLR would beg to differ on how many folks still use IE8 - and I am among those who DO use it, though currently I have been on FireFox for the past month or so, just for something to do.

It seems to me that the newest flavour of Yahoo's Full interface (the one without any tabs in it any more) has been reported to work on IE, but I do not know which version, and have not tried it there myself since the shit hit the fan regarding Yahoo's October Stealth change.

If the newest Yahoo interface is what you would rather use, then try to upgrade your IE8 to IE9, bearing in mind that IE9 also takes away some features/functions in general which IE8 has.

Windows Vista and 7 should allow that, but XP not.

Also, make sure that you are NOT set to 'Compatibility Mode' in whatever IE, for the Yahoo Mail site.

Or, you could try FireFox on either or both machines, as it DOES support both Yahoo interfaces, but defaults to the newest one.


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