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[X1-X2] Very weird problem with X1 DVR

Background...1 anyroom Pace X1 DVR, 3 Pace companion boxes

So, I came home today and the TV that my X1 DVR is connected to was blue when I turned it on, kind of like an old VCR...I usually had the box connected to my audio receiver but I unplugged everything then hooked up the box directly to the TV...It went between being blue still, to when I unplgged again it said no TV signal found.

I then took the DVR box to a bedroom where a companion box is and it worked there fine...then I took the companion box to where the X1 DVR was hooked up, and it worked fine

The weird thing is even though the TV where the DVR is hooked up to either gets the blue screen or says no signal, the box is still on and I can watch DVR'd programs on the companion boxes still.

I am at a loss...I tried everything I could think of, so just to recap...the companion box works on the TV where the X1 DVR is, and the X1 DVR works where a companion box is...I have no idea what to do besides exchange the box but it has so many of my shows on it and it still technically works

Any ideas?...Thanks in advance



Re: Very weird problem with X1 DVR

HDMI cable?


reply to falcor
Sounds like the output of the box got set to a format the TV can't handle.

Sacramento, CA
Yep sure sounds like a video cabling and/or resolution issue.

Swap out the HDMI cable, if that still doesn't work.

Try hooking the X1 up by component video (which is still HD) or even composite video (SD) temporarily and see if you can get the display back, and reset the resolution settings on the DVR.


I used the same HDMI cable to hook up the companion box to where the X1 DVR was so thats not it, I also tried every HDMI input on the TV...My TV is a $2000 Samsung which can handle all the resolutions the box can...I will try hooking up with Composite or Component cables later when I have time


Bloomington, IN
reply to falcor

Re: [X1] Very weird problem with X1 DVR

There is a remote control sequence that can change the resultution


I can't believe I forgot to mention this...it happened right after I installed a monoprice directional hdmi cable from the box to the receiver, I already had one going from the receiver to the TV and it was working fine...I also installed one from the blu ray to the receiver and that is working fine its just the cable box that wasn't cooperating...but like I said it wont even work with a regular hdmi cable bypassing the receiver now either


Alright thanks for the help guys...I got it sorted out

I called Comcast and they sent some signals and did some other things to the box and it seems to have fixed it