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[Internet] Disc every hour on the houor XX:18 (is back)

Well I think we went a month or so without seeing this again but it's back started last night at 6:18 (disconnect) 7:18, 8:18 right up 12:18 witch was 40mins ago.

I can't be the only one to experience this.... can I?
I called Rogers and the TSR said, I can't help you, I can't help you! our systems are down, call back... All I wanted to know was if this is a common problem... oh well Rogers themselves are down.


London, ON

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Rogers is doing (for the lack of a better term) network maintenance. It's been going on for months. The upstream channels are unstable. Hence the disconnects.

It's been talked about in many other threads........Rogers denies the problem BUT then they deny everything (also common knowledge).



Oh well there, your response is actually the answer I was looking for. OK I'm satisfied.

The TSR couldn't even give me a hint that it was not on my end and not to worry.
You sir deserve a /thumbs_up

Thank you.


London, ON

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Glad to help.

I often feel bad for the other Rogers customers that don't follow the forums. Sitting there wondering why they pay an arm and a leg for Docsis 3 internet that functions at a minimal level, Nextboxes that barely function at all, Firmware updates that only make things worse, iPhone contracts that Rogers enforces and bills for, but is not providing the new iPhones that the contracts are based on etc.

30 years ago ANY of this would have been intolerable, BUT thanks to the CRTC's constant pandering to the Big 3, here we are in 2013 paying world leading prices for what? 27th in the world service quality.

And yet we call up Rogers and they insist everything is operating at a 'world leading' level.

I guess people are just tired of fighting a losing battle.


Scarborough, ON

Rogers has no idea when something is actually functioning properly because the training their CSRs receive involves nothing more than reading from a script! "Reboot your modem, reboot your PVR box, clear your cache, try a direct Ethernet connection". What a joke!


London, ON

Yea the problem is, Rogers is going about it ass backwards. They think admitting there's an outage or Firmware error is a weakness.

Look at M$, there's 140 important/critical updates to Win7 SP1. They admit and advertise when an issue arises and consequently their products are respected.

Rogers needs to grow a pair and follow M$ lead.

WE all know hardware bios dependability relies on accurately predicting any and all given situations the piece of hardware may have to deal with.

It's a trial and error process. NOBODY expects perfection the first time around. All we ask is to be kept INFORMED. Let Rogers do the best they can and we'll report the bugs.

Rogers can take it from there............



hmm, I've noticed problems with downloads stalling, my TX/RX are in spec, no latency/packet loss to Roger's network gear but connections will just stall completely.

Kinda puzzled by why this is happening, at most I'm trying to see if something is sending me RST packets dropping my connections...



definitely a network upgrade thats being done, what type of modem do you have and also do you have your own router connected?