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Bellingham, WA
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This is why news sucks thease days.

You hear pundits, specially Conservatives ranting about "the drive by media", will media conglomeration is why we have this and these same pundits will defend media conglomeration as a "free speech" issue.

Conglomeration is why you read or hear exactly the same news story almost verbatim no matter where you turn. There is no more local news or even local reporters in small market TV/Radio or newspapers.

When there is say a presidential press conference and you own 500 media outlets you do not send 500 reporters to cover it and then have them write 500 news stories giving 500 slightly different reports and opinions, you send one reporter who writes one story and gives one opinion and send that one story to all your 500 media outlets.

I live in a small community 20 years ago there were several local radio stations with solid local content 12 hours a day. Now every single commercial radio station is owned by Sinclare. We get about 5 minutes of local news a day and 5 minutes of national news. The rest of the day is syndicated talk.

Our ONE local TV station used to have an hour of local news every morning and cover local events. Now it's part of a media conglomerate and it just a robo-station playing re-runs 24/7.
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