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Question to those who cancelled their WB / Exede service

Why did you cancel it? In my area I have very few choices (one requires a 1-time very large fee, the other is a satellite internet). Read that services such as HughesNet and Exede lose up to 25-30% of their customers per year and just trying to figure out why. Thank you very much



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I can't speak for Hughes or WB but I used to have Starband at this location...the only option prior to Exede. I did most of the install myself...dug the hole, sunk the post and installed the big 1.1 M dish. The installer just pointed it and commissioned it. It worked without problems but it cost me over $1000 by the time I was finished, AND IT SUCKED! I had to put up with them for over two years before Exede came along. The best speed I ever saw was about 1mbit/sec and they had me capped at 2G/week rolling. They put about 20% overhead usage on my use and then would frequently add my LNFZ usage back on to my regular usage. Tech support was anything but supportive. There was no forum except for a private one run by one of their dealer/installers. I could never download the complete SP3 for XP from u$oft...the server would time out over the long latencies (sometimes 3-4 seconds)...and I would have several hundred meg blown for nothing. That same download took 3-4 minutes on Exede and was perfect.

Exede has its warts but it is a breath of fresh air after that lot. The service is fast and I have had good luck with it functionally. What weirdness I have seen has either been rectified or went away on its own (not sure which). If you are looking to sign up, find an independent dealer/installer in your area, if you can and try to get references from others in your area who use it.

Some have had problems and it could be due to a poor installation or a location at the edge of Exede's service areas. The contract is UGLY and you should read it and understand it before you sign up. Do not expect to get straight answers from Dish or DirectTV's phone marketers...they will tell you anything to sign you up. I would also avoid any bundling with TV services but that is a personal slant. Also, be sure that your usage needs are compatible with satellite internet services. If you expect to watch TV or movies or lots of utube or use cloud or bittorrent, you won't like satellite. Don't hook your bluray or TV up to the network because they are bandwidth hogs and will eat your allowance in a hurry. Get the picture?




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reply to Wildcatter74

said by Wildcatter74 :

HughesNet and Exede lose up to 25-30% of their customers per year

Churn happens, for many different reasons...people move, a local ISP offers wireless service, lack of funds, equipment breaks, so sign up with another provider, better service over there, rural telco drops fiber at your door, etc.

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Quinault, WA
reply to Wildcatter74

I think you will get more informative responses by posting on the mobile / wireless and DSL forums. People who have ditched their satellite ISP probably aren't reading your topic (I would guess).


reply to Wildcatter74

Caps. Pricing. I got dsl instead and I am much happier with it.


reply to james1979

said by james1979:

People who have ditched their satellite ISP probably aren't reading your topic (I would guess).

My neighbors still have Wildblue and a few Exede, very few Hughesnet. I work on their systems sometimes, so I keep an eye on things.

After about 7 years with Wildblue, I saw the Exede5 service turn on in this area, plagued with many issues during initial roll out, time outs, downloads failing etc. with no issues with the installation. So I waited, and recommended other people wait as well. Within a couple months, Exede service was closed to all new customers. To this day, I can tell very little difference in speed with web browsing Exede5 vs. WB. Most of the glitches are gone, download speed is ok during daytime. Nightime things get slower and flaky.

Anyway, last month of service I had a fake usage spike that I could prove. With that I was looking at the fact I had been paying for the same level of service for years with no incentive to stay, paying for the same data amount I had when I signed up, service was very degraded/overloaded, borderline unusable during primetime, no option to upgrade without going to Hughesnet and even worse service. That plus a new Verizon tower, 3G service at 2 to 2.5 meg, at the time, Millenicom was the obvious choice. One year later, not a single issue, now 4G and over 20 meg download all the time. The phone company was going to get us DSL, but they canceled those plans, so no time soon. If it were available, 1 meg service is $50 anyway, but unlimited. I think 4 meg is $75. Plus mandatory landline around $30 with no long distance, no bundles.


Hampshire, IL
reply to Wildcatter74

The problem with Excede is the mismatch between bandwidth and usage cap.
At the 12Mbs rate (actual observed rate can go up to 20Mbs) the 10GB cap
is reached in no time. That is one evening of watching some Netflix shows
will put you into slow mode, which is unbearable, for the rest of the month.

And about "churn": as many Excede customers want to leave, they can't because
of the exorbitant early termination fees. I can't imagine anyone who got out of
Excede would ever sign up again. New customers sign up based on deceptive

In summary, Excede is only worthwhile if there are NO other options. Look long
and hard for other choices: wireless ISPs or cell phone service.

Exede Eliza



I can totally understand how managing data usage can be a difficult adjustment. We are all looking forward to a day when the satellite industry can be more competitive when it comes to data limits! Exede is moving forward and we are excited about the new satellite, ViaSat-2, launching (hopefully) in mid-2016!

If anyone has any questions or concerns about their Exede service, we are always here to help. Feel free to fill out the "contact us" form at help.exede.net for a quick response.

Take care All

Quinault, WA
reply to RaimundEge

said by RaimundEge:

At the 12Mbs rate (actual observed rate can go up to 20Mbs) the 10GB cap
is reached in no time.

Well I'm not going to complain about Exede being too fast. That's not a bug, it's a feature!


Walton, WV
reply to wh7qq

I use bittorent every night

Now with new DD-WRT router.



The operative word is "night" as in LNFZ.


Walton, WV

True but you gave no indication you where not talking about the LNFZ time as well.