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Ambridge, PA

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[ADSL2] from Verizon DSL to DSLX

I just found out about DSL extreme and how they allow dry loop, I currently have Verizon dsl (top speed for both seem to only be 3mbps ), and even though the service is 1 year contract it is still about twice as cheap as what I am paying with Verizon with the same speeds and service (as I don't use home phone at all).

now everything seems good until this grey confusing area that I am trying to figure out if it will be a problem or not. the Line Tag. I was told by a rep I would need to have a 3rd party tap to run a line from the Tag to my house, but I might not have to. since I have Verizon dsl already, would I really need a 3rd party rep to come out and install another line or would I just still be able to use the same line in my house (the rep I believe told me both are possible). it is kinda confusing me as I don't know if I need a 3rd party tech or if I will just continue to use the existing line that is supplied to me with Verizon dsl as what is supplied to me now?

another thing I wanted to know, I was told by a Verizon tech that I am capable of receiving 15mbps to my house, that I could get 10 mbps or lower (or was it 15, I cant remember) but the problem was with the billing department (as I was told). I was told that even though I was capable of receiving speeds at 10 mps , my account was provisioned to only get 3mps. in my area the 3m tier is the highest on Verizon and dslx. but is it possible for them to provision me higher since Verizon techs (multiple techs) have told me i am capable of a faster speed?

Chatsworth, CA
With regards to the line tag: many times, we get new customers who have just moved into a house, who do not have existing phone service with Verizon, who don't WANT phone service with Verizon, and they sign up for dryloop service with us.

The problem is, if the inside wiring (IW) of the building isn't connected to the phone box, then the customer needs to connect the IW to the box. If the previous tenant had left the IW connected then it's a non-issue, of course.

Since you have existing service with Verizon, then obviously your IW is currently connected (since otherwise, none of your jacks in the house would work). So you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If anything, you could step out to your phone box and take a photo of how all the wires are connected right now; that's your "This is how it's supposed to be" snapshot. Theoretically speaking, if you were to switch and your jacks stopped working, then you could go out and compare the photo to your phone box and make sure everything's still plugged in where it's supposed to be.

With regards to the speed provisioning: even if your cables can handle over 3Mbps, the equipment you're connected to (the servers on the far end) may not have the capacity to offer more. If you want to send me a PM with your address and phone number I can try to look into it.