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Evansville, IN

Any way to find details of AT&T expanding DSL offerings?

Is there anywhere to go that I can find out what areas AT&T may be "upgrading" to DSL? Does such a site exist?

When my wife and I married, I moved into her house, and quickly found out that she didn't have high-speed Internet. Who doesn't have broadband you may ask? I asked the same thing. I quickly set about to correct that situation. I just as quickly found out that there was nothing "wired" within quite a few miles of my home. We're about seven or eight miles outside of Evansville, Indiana and I'd say that's about how far we are from any sort of wired Internet. We had dial-up for a year or so. Let me tell you, that's a hard pill to swallow after eight years of broadband. We've now suffered through almost four years of Hughesnet satellite service. It's better than dial-up, but only marginally. I honestly think that the only hope we have of getting any sort of wired Internet to our home is through AT&Ts DSL service.

There's a central office about 2.5 miles from my home so I thought we should be able to get DSL. I've checked and I check back often, but no such luck. A couple of years ago, when a service tech was out taking care of an issue with our home phones, I inquired about DSL service. He quickly informed me it wasn't available out of the local hub I inquired about. He started spouting off a bunch of phone industry specific technical jargon that I completely forgot within ten minutes of him telling me. The gist of it was though, that we have this new, awesome, super high-tech phone network out our way. The problem is, while it works great for phones, it isn't the least bit compatible with DSL. So, now I'm still stuck with no real high-speed Internet and I'm quickly growing tired of and frustrated with my expensive and horribly bandwidth-capped satellite Internet.

Is anyone aware of AT&T doing anything in any areas to make their phone systems compatible with DSL?

- Byron Followell


Bon Aqua, TN

I wish, and I feel your pain.. I've seen ATT drop dslams and vrads in areas WAY less populated than my area.. Yet we sit here with a fiber fed remote terminal with only phone service as their offered services here... They even ran fiber from our RT to another RT to supply Uverse for crying out loud!! Its like they are driving around my house taunting me or something.. I just wish ATT would sell off the areas they don't want to upgrade and be done with it.. I've seen communities in my travels with far too few people for the big oligopoly providers to mess with all have dsl and even cable being the local provider wasn't any of the big name groups... Its sickening..

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You will probably be part of the 25% that will have 4G LTE as you ATT internet connection option.


K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
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DSL is basically dead. If it isn'there it won't be. Maybe UVERSE will be developed.

Even where DSL does exist, and UVERSE also, they are doing their damnedest to get people to switch short of pulling the plug on DSL.



Evansville, IN
reply to my thoughts

The link no longer works. I guess they've moved or deleted that news release. Still 4G LTE isn't much of a real option either is it? Isn't it severely bandwidth-capped to something like a few hundred MB a day or less than 50 GB a month or something like that.

Also, I've heard they're doing away with DSL in some areas; pushing customers to switch; but switch to what? There's nothing else in my area to switch to. If there was another "real" option, I'd already be there.

The only options I have are really expensive, horribly bandwidth-capped, and don't involve wires, which typically equates to unreliable. I guess that's all I've got though. It really hurts to be in the breakdown lane of the information super-highway, watching all the other cars go by and knowing there isn't a tow truck even available, let alone in sight!

- Byron


·AT&T U-Verse
·AT&T DSL Service

Just google Att project VIP and you'll find the news release or an article on it like this:

They're pushing users to switch to U-verse or LTE. Barring the government financed broadband initiatives, the odds of you getting expanded DSL are practically nil, although perhaps you'll get U-verse someday.

LTE can match broadband for bandwidth and latency these days, but the caps hurt it and the price is still pretty high (~$70 may get you 20-50GB max depending on the MVNO and carrier they use). If online gaming is something that's important to you, it may be worth considering (latency is low and online games surprisingly don't use much bandwidth, so the caps aren't a big issue).

I'm a rural Att DSL user and am keeping a close eye on all this myself, my two long term hopes are U-verse 3 miles outside of town or LTE getting reasonable caps.