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Bozeman, MT
reply to bbear2

Re: Yahoo email forced upgrade (again)

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Uh Oh...
It doesn't matter how long it is before they get this 'temporary error' fixed.
What matters is that they are messing with something again...



I just finished (yesterday) setting up Thunderbird with the now-available (for free accounts) POP access (though I've also been using IMAP for awhile now--POP is good for simply getting new mail notifications)--haven't been seeing any errors (though, per her latest email, my sister is seeing some in the browser--latest IE on Win8 [which is why, no doubt, she used her Gmail account to send it]).

Ya-hooooo-oo-oo! (yodel like you mean it!)

(On the "Plus" side, Yahoo! Mail Plus (now called "Ad-Free") doesn't seem to have changed in a while now--except for the name.)


Saint Louis, MO
reply to ttiiggy

Not only is yahoo mail having issues (and I'm glad this isn't me; several others I work with have the same problem today) using the mobile app is a pain in the ass. iPhone app crashes, and a few Android users in my office have the same problem too.

I hate hate hate the new changes.

No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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reply to anonome

said by anonome :

....(On the "Plus" side, Yahoo! Mail Plus (now called "Ad-Free") doesn't seem to have changed in a while now--except for the name.)

And the PRICE !

It's now FIFTY BUCKS per year for new accounts/upgrades.



Well, yeah... of course, I was referring to the UI.

Frankly, $20/yr doesn't make sense anymore, let alone $50. Ad blockers are free--as is IMAP as well as, now, POP. I upgraded to Plus back when they introduced it (2002?) primarily in order to maintain my POP access. That wouldn't be a consideration now. (I haven't really thought yet about whether I want to drop my Plus "status" on the account; maybe next year I will. Since I'm grandfathered in at $20, it doesn't really matter much to me--even though I use Gmail almost 100% of the time now.)

Yahoo! has been getting rid of everything that once made them worth paying for. For me they've become an afterthought.