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New Skype URI Compliant Replacement for SkypeMate

The developer of the SkypeMate application and the original manufacturer of the USB Phones it supported was Yealink.

Many of the wide range of USB phones produced by Yealink were re-branded and sold under other brand names such as US Robotics, Radian, Sedna, Manhattan, Bell Phones, Nexotek, Simply Phone, Sharper Image and XACT. Millions of these very high quality USB Phones have been sold worldwide for use with Skype.

While the manufacturer has no plans to fully re-develop the SkypeMate application as is needed to be Skype URI compliant to work with the new API interface free versions of Skype due out at the end of this year, PCPhoneSoft.com will be stepping in to make sure further software upgrades are available to Yealink USB Phone users.

A new Skype URI compliant software upgrade that will take the place of the existing SkypeMate application for Yealink USB Phones is currently under development by PCPhoneSoft.com - a well established 3rd party developer of applications for USB phone devices. A prototype of the software upgrade is already working in the lab and it is scheduled to be released by the end of this year.

A full version of the software upgrade that will allow Yealink USB Phones to continue to be used with Skype will be able to be downloaded and trialed by users for 7 days prior to making any type of purchase decision. Exact pricing has not yet been established but is anticipated to be somewhere in the region of $10.

A new website to be dedicated to the software upgrade for Yealink USB Phone users is in the process of being set up by PCPhoneSoft.com and will be announced in the very near future.

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Thanks for posting.

Using Skype as a main phone is a great deal more popular in Europe than in the states. I still have many friends stateside that absolutely refuse to use Skype. In the EU, businesses regularly use Skype with multiple lines. The service is good and the prices are very reasonable. Where else can anyone have full service for under $100 a year that includes unlimited calls to (and from) landlines and mobiles and a generous 50% Skype Number discount? At bare minimum (i.e.: compared to basic Verizon home phone service), it is $1500 a year savings and likely closer to over $3500 a year less. Can't fight with that.


reply to redpepper
Since Skype have decided to further extend support of the Skype Desktop API, the efforts to finish development of a replacement for Skypemate have now been put on hold.