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Fioptics Sucks - stick with Timewarner

Once again I find Cincinnatii Bell's Fioptics service to be unstable. The tech support is polite but clueless. Hold time for tech support is hours not minutes. They are obviously understaffed. No fix times, no ability to remote in to your router (their equipment) to trouble shoot the problems. I think I should have stayed with Time Warner. I'll be looking to switch real soon. Don't make the mistake I did. Stay away from Fioptics.


Cincinnati, OH
I agree. My service has been down since 1 p.m. on Oct 27 and I cannot reach technical support. This is the worst service ever. On Monday I will be cancelling my service and going back to Time Warner. I never thought Cincinnati Bell would provide this kind of service!!! It's terrible!



Re: Fioptics Sucks

Mine too!! This sucks!! Missing the Bengals game!!! Ugh ugh ugh!!


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Re: Fioptics Sucks - stick with Timewarner

I'm not at all happy with Cincinnati Bell. TV Phone internet are all working but TV has been lost for hours. I hated Time Warner prices. I guess we try DISH next and then the dark ages.

Cincinnati, OH
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Over my sister's today to watch the Bengals game. She tried briefly switching to the Lions/Cowboys game and something happened and we lost the picture. Kept trying to find the EPG and could not. Then it would start a countdown and try again and of course fail. Then we tried switching the power off, then we tried disconnecting the power. Nothing worked so upstairs we went to watch game on 21 inch instead of the 60 inch. What the heck is wrong with Fioptics? It would seem they would get this worked out by now. I have TWC and while the service is pretty much rock solid, when you need to call it can be a problem. Competition is nice, but only if all the alternatives work and therefore can actually compete. Right now Fioptics is not a real viable competitor.
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Re: Fioptics Sucks

Still out at 8:15...anyone actually get hold of service to know what's up yet?


Fairfield, OH
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Re: Fioptics Sucks - stick with Timewarner

According to their Facebook page there's been a major outage. The CEO posted an apology. Terrible timing if it was caused by something in their system like an upgrade. It may have been caused by something further up the chain though. Who knows since CB isn't talking. There are a lot of people pissed off and ready to switch back to Time Warner. Good luck with that.

Cincinnati, OH
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This is why it's a good idea to have a backup OTA antenna you can hook up for "emergencies". You'd have been back watching the Bengals game in HD no problem.
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Cincinnati, OH
...and what about the people watching the race on ESPN? Where is their backup????
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