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[Need Info] Sync music to my iOS 7 iPad with no iTunes

I have tried to use iTunes to sync music to my iPad (3rd generation running iOS 7) via Windows 7 and simply cannot get it to do what I want*. First of all, iTunes is slow and crashy, even on my i7 machine with 16GB of memory and an SSD. It's frustrating to deal with.

Secondly, the interface is awful and keeps changing. I really can't stand learning new software that I use a few times a year. Apple software just plains sucks on Windows. Yes, I know I can get a switchless install and do away with some of the cruft, but it's iTunes that's the issue.

I have searched around and found a few "free" programs, but they have little bonuses like adware and other things that I'd prefer not to have on my machine. I am happy to pay for software that's "clean" of any extras and simply lets me dump music onto my iPad. If it's free, that's a bonus, but most certainly not a requirement.

I also have Linux machines available (VM and real) and am happy to go that route instead.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

* What I want to do is have a playlist I call "iPad" that holds music I generally want to listen to at work. It contains more files than my iPad can fir into storage. iTunes appears to be able to fill my iPad randomly up to a certain amount but leave a bit of space free (like 2GB according to my settings in iTunes). iTunes, despite this, overfills the iPad and then complains that there's not enough room. Perhaps I'm not understanding the settings, but it's frustrating nonetheless and far more complicated than is should be.

Here are my settings:

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I'm not sure if this will work for you, but you can keep an eye out at »www.mediamonkey.com/ and see if they come out with a newer version that works with iOS 7 (looks like the last release was in Nov of 2012). It may be a program that you had already looked at, but it's the only one that I know of for a PC that syncs with an iPad. I'm sure that there are more out there though.
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I don't have an ipad, but I use something called CopyTransControlCenter. It has settings for Ipad, but I only use for ipod.

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I use this one....