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Asia POP

I am traveling in China, I am not getting good connectivity to any pop with my existing providers, voip.ms or anveo.

Any recommendation of a voip provider with good connectivity in Asia?


From Beijing(CNC Network) test results:

voip.ms: (POP: Los or seattle) delay of about 170ms / occasional packet loss
flowroute: delay of about 200ms / occasional packet loss
Commpeak: (POP: Tokyo or Singapore) is relatively stable,delay of about 130ms, but the connection speed is slightly slower.


reply to rjwells
where are you calling?

a pop close to the destination should work well.

you may also want to try skype or other direct p2p calling if you can get the persons your calling to play along.


Tried to sign up with commpeak but no luck, their verification never delivered the verify code to my Google voice number and when I opened a support ticket they simply closed it without any comment. Maybe because I am traveling in China? Pretty awful service either way.

I am trying to use my Wi-Fi for local and international calling. The call quality had been horrendous through anveo and voip.ms due to the transpacific network connection so yes I need to find an Asian pop. (I don't consider that an anveo or voip.ms problem they just don't have a pop here).

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said by rjwells:

Maybe because I am traveling in China?

If its mainland China --- every IP transport is routed to a control center for inspection after which the packets are move forward --- so your experience with VoIP will be poor to terrible. There are some "Free from Inspection" Zones in the BIG centers like Shanghai and Beijing for example but those zones are not generally available to the "commoners".
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