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Sun Valley, CA

Unable to receive calls from England since switching to Magicjack

I am unable to receive calls from England from people using regular phones since switching from Vonage to Magicjack.

Two people in different parts of England with different regular non Magic jack phones have been unable to call me in the USA on my Magicjack phone.

They have both received a Magicjack recording mentioning an "Unrestricted Phone Number".

How do I allow people in England using regular phones to reach me on my Magicjack USA phone?

Calls from people in the USA to my Magicjack phone reach me without a problem.

I can't explain why callers from the UK to your magicJack are receiving that message, but here is a work-around to try:

Do you already have a Google Voice number? Acquiring a Google Voice number is currently free-of-charge, and you could set your new GV number to forward all incoming calls to your MJ number.

The cost of phoning a GV number from England should not be more expensive than phoning your MJ from England, so the caller will not pay extra.

Some incoming T-Mobile cell callers have received an "all circuits are busy" message when dialing my magicJack, so I tell them to dial my GV number instead and the call is successfully forwarded through to my magicJack.

Hope that works for you. Good luck!


Sun Valley, CA
Thank you for the above suggestion to use Google Voice. After using the the Google Voice number to bypass the Magicjack number from receiving calls directly from the UK it seems to work.

Magicjack the “Work Around Phone System” would appear to sum up the service.

Having to purchase a headphone and microphone set to compensate for the lower volume and quality of the service.

Spending 30 minutes with customer service emailing back and forth with no solution offered.

Being forced to purchase Magicjack UK long distance minutes at twice the cost of using a phone card because phone cards are classified as conference calling.

There are enough detail problems with Magicjack that I’m definitely bypassing the 5 year discount offer emailed by their customer service and starting to look around at other services.


Athens, GA
reply to danemobile
This is the first time I've heard of people not being able to call TO magicJack from another country. I wonder if this is connected with the blocked exchanges problem so many of us are having.
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