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Frontier overcharging on tax?

My new bill shows FCA Long Distance - Federal USF Surcharge for $15.60. Previous bills only showed it around $1. The taxes on my current bill shows a total of $26.29 for Federal and $9.63 for State. The previous bill has $10.84 for Federal and $4.34 for state. I did just cancel my DSL but don't think that would cause the taxes to go up. Has anyone else noticed their taxes go up? I'm in California by the way.

I called Frontier about it and they said they can't do anything about taxes and wouldn't give me any info on taxes either. I was told that I would still be charged the FCA Long Distance - Federal USF Surcharge for $15.60 even if I switched to a local only calling plan. I've found a few class action lawsuits against Frontier with the newest being last December in Minnesota. I plan on calling the FCC’s Consumer Center about the taxes tomorrow and will get back if I learn anything new.


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I live in Illinois. If I had a complaint on telephone taxes, I would contact the Illinois Commerce Commission, which regulates telephone rates here. I would suspect that they would help, or direct me to the proper people in the FCC.

Not sure what state agency regulates in California.

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Not a Frontier customer, but my phone bill only shows $1.09 for FUSF. No separate charge for long distance, either; voice, both local and long distance is billed at $19.98 per month.

Per [Use=Bob61571]'s suggestion: You should also contact the California Public Utilities Commission, which regulates telephone service in California.
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Yeah you are getting overbilled.

If I had to guess there was an error in the order that you just recently requested. Somehow the USF surcharge got backdated to an earlier date or someone screwed something up in the billing tables (less likely as that would affect EVERYONE in your area)

I would call and talk to a supervisor and ask them to review the previous order and look at the USF code. Unfortunatly reps aren't trained to think outside of the box and see issues. Taxes to them are a nightmare to even think about.

Source: ex Frontier Employee.



More info

I'm curious what your total monthly bill is currently. If you have for example $300 long distance charge call to mexico, this is normal.

The FCA USF long distance surcharge is a percentage based off other charges (ld charges/phone plan charges) on your bill.

if you have a flat rate long distance plan, this is not normal.