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questions about the ultra service

we just got wow ultra tv , now at the moment i am hard wired to the main gateway router box on my desktop for faster internet, other 2 laptops are wireless ,

i can watch my our shows on the tv in my bedroom with the homeconnect with windows media player but does the signal go wireless from the main receiver to the tv homeconnect on the tv as i get lag and slow set up sometimes ???,so i wondering that it goes wireless (might be wrong)and if so??, what are the Ethernet ports for on the other 3 smaller boxes for?? could i hard wire that from the main big gateway router to the smaller box for the tv in bedroom for faster signal??.


Redford, MI

»Re: Ethernet on Ultra TV
"The ethernet ports are disabled on the media players."


Mount Prospect, IL
reply to oldpot

No, you can't use the media player ethernet. The gatway wifi isn't great - if you have your own router you can give it a non-conflicting IP address, turn off DHCP and plug its LAN side into the gateway to make another access point to get better signal through the house.

Body Count

Columbus, OH
reply to oldpot

A lot of people who need a serious wifi signal do not use the UltraTV built in wireless. It's really not that good. Even on the highest power setting it barely has any strength. Most people who need wifi reliably working get their own AP and use that instead. Just make sure you turn off DHCP on your AP and you'll be all set.

The ethernet ports on back of the media players are not functioning. No clue why they are there.

Homeconnect videos will always get lag. Your gateway is converting the media type on the fly. This is why fast forward and rewind don't work... because UltraTV can't convert that fast.


Mount Prospect, IL

It worked for me to use my old Dlink router set up as an access point with the same SSID and password as the gateway in a different part of the house (wired connection to the LAN side of the DLINK). Devices associate with the strongest signal they see and will switch transparently if the one they picked becomes too bad. Homeconnect can play videos without lag and use the skip/next to position if you rip the media to a format the player handles natively. But start another topic if you want to get into the details of that.