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[Misc] Factory Battery Grips vs. 3rd Party Grips

I'm going to buy a grip for my D7100. I've been looking around and I've found a few 3rd party grips that are a fraction of the cost of the Nikon MB-D15. I can find individual reviews of the MB-D15 and the clones but I can't find on that compares several in one review. The reviews of the Nikon grip are generally done by Nikon Fanboys so it's hard to judge if they are giving a biased or unbiased mention of the 3rd party grips.

I'm not a cheap ass so I'm not making my decision just on cost. If the Nikon grip really is the best one to get then that's what I'll buy. If there is a 3rd party grip that's cheaper and just as good then i'll look at buying that.

Does anyone have experience with some of the 3rd party brands vs the Nikon on the D7100 or other Nikon cameras?
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Many years ago I bought a Nikon Motor Drive for a Nikon FM-2 that I'd had for some time... don't remember if it was still under warranty at the time. Either way, the drive didn't work with the camera and Nikon asked me to return both the body and the drive to the local Nikon service center. Turned out the switch in the body was defective and Nikon repaired it. Had it been a third party drive they probably wouldn't have touched it.

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I have used several third party, Chinese made, grips for my D200 and D700. For what they cost they work flawlessly and I've had no issues several years after the fact.

I also use intervalometers that cost less than 1/10th of OEM and work great!! The only things I wouldn't try and save money on is optics.


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I've got the Vello grip for the D7000. It works just fine, but it is essentially all plastic, in the interest of full disclosure. I've no experience with the Nikon grip on the D7000, but I did use them with older film Nikon SLRs and I think they fit a bit more closely to the contour of the camera body.
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You can see some of the flaws of the 3rd party version in the customer reviews. Note this is the highest quality 3rd party grip available, the rest are junk especially the ones selling on Ebay with extra batteries.