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[DISH] DISH.net Data Used Up First Day

We have been having our Dish.net internet slowing down to a crawl, after the first day of the new pay period. DISH says we are using our 10G data limit on the first day, so we are throttled down the rest of the month. You Tube videos won't play after 8 AM and can't use Netflix during the day. So am waking up at 4 AM just to be able to watch Netflix.

Our DISH.net two year contract ends in July of 2014, so we are stuck with extremely slow internet and it is very frustrating.

My question is if there is a way to speed up the internet enough, so we can watch videos during the day from 8AM till 2AM the next morning. I have read that Ethernet cords help speed up the internet but we live in a trailer and we would have to run cords the whole length of the trailer.

It is extremely frustrating to wait so long for pages to open all during the day. Living in a rural area is a real handicap, when it comes to internet speed. We have a Exede internet satellite dish next to our DISH TV satellite dish.

Would appreciate any ideas from those who have experienced these same problems and wondering what they did to speed up their internet.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
Did you not read the terms of service before signing up???

This is a forever KNOWN issue of Sat internet nothing new. Fine for surfing and little else.

And no way to speed it up once you max out for the month.

Glendale, AZ
reply to AndyG
You would need to set the netflix account to use the least quality video then still use it sparingly during the day. Video eats bandwidth quick.


reply to AndyG
This has got to be a troll. Netflix and Youtube on sat internet? LOL.

West Mich.
They will work with Exede12 or Hughes Gen4 but the data caps (I have Gen4 15/15 GB plan) really make anythng more than standard def impractical. Even that chews through data like mad.