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Brooklyn, NY

streaming is the way to go..

the change to streaming digital media and using home media servers for video, audio, and other data has been more than a decade in the making. those companies who don't adapt to the change will be run out of business.


Victoria, BC

That's best case scenario. Worse case scenario is that DRM gets more effective and people can no longer have non-drm files, which means they can not easily share them via a server in their homes. As a result they have to rely on online streaming services. Because online streaming services are threatening traditional cable and traditional cable companies also have a monopoly on internet they continue to cap internet usage and charge outrageous fees for larger tiers of consumption. Being that video consumes the most bandwidth people give up and stick with traditional methods.


Ada, MI
reply to tmc8080
Sounds good in theory, and I used to really love Netflix, but the amount of stuff that I've watched in the past (mostly Funimation content) that is just no longer available on Netflix in 2013 is astonishing. I can't believe they just take stuff away like that. If I was a new subscriber now, I probably wouldn't stay due to the really low selection on watch-instantly. I can't imagine all the great things I would have never seen had I not managed to watch them a few years ago when they were actually available. Most of the things now that I really liked are not on streaming anymore, and Netflix doesn't have any discs either. All you can do is put it in your "saved" queue.

Stuff like this really makes me question if streaming can really be the way with our current copyright and licensing schemes.