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Glen Head, NY

Free Market

Verizon has competition. As the article noted, T-Mobile is beginning to make a dent in the wireless market. If Verizon keeps acting like it does, then it will ultimately start to feel the pressure of market forces. If not, then it is what their customers want (or expect) and should be prepared with lube to take it up the you know what. The FCC will never truly come up with consumer friendly rules but competitive pressures might.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


I know I left Vz for T-Mobile and my service has been better overall ( Could be going from that Thunderbolt to a new Samsung phone).


reply to n2jtx
n2jtx, I think you're living in that old trusty plato cavern of illusions mate. Praying to the god of free market and preaching the good news.

Time to wake up, there ain't no such thing as "freedom" within any market. For an exchange to happen, you must pay. In other words, you are coerced to pay. A market where everything is regulated by this rule for a 2 way exchange, where you are coerced to give something for anything in return can never be, by definition "free". Markets are based on coercion and promote coercion, hence the lobbying, hence the anti competitive behavior, hence the monopolies/oligopolies we witness today in this giant monopoly endgame and every other "evils" associated with it.

Sorry to kill your god, thank me later.