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To all those asking why people stick with Verizon while we bash them incessantly, one word, coverage. It's really hard to go to the competition when you can't get a decent signal in half the areas you are in.

I have always avoided Verizon for all the reason people bitch about here and everywhere else. I had AT&T then Sprint. I have friends that went with T-Mobile. We all had the same problem, poor coverage. When I went from Sprint to Verizon, finally, the difference was night and day in the ability to get a good signal everywhere.

The other providers don't seem willing to invest in the infrastructure to be able to actually compete with Verizon in coverage.

As a company I hate Verizon and wish I could vote with my wallet by going somewhere else. But the "competition" doesn't provide coverage good enough to allow me to do that. I run my business on my cell phone so I am stuck on Verizon until Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile does a much better job providing coverage.

Fremont, OH

Re: Verizon

I can take an CDMA phone for the most part and tell it to roam on VZW without a problem. I can also go and obtain a VZW reseller and be treated much better. Claiming of their coverage is all BS, especially when you zoom in and find that the coverage is "extended" meaning ROAMING and a PARTNER network.

Take a Sprint phone through the mountains from Ohio to Charlotte, Sprint has more coverage in the mountains than what VZW does and will NOT roam onto Sprint. Sprint has the service but when they don't- you can at least pick up a partner- aka VZW.

Nobody likes Sprint anymore either and generally goes to a MVNO to get the better services and rates. People should do the same with VZW- Go to Page Plus or any of the other million MVNOs.


Re: Verizon

said by TBBroadband:

I can take an CDMA phone for the most part and tell it to roam on VZW without a problem.

speaking as someone whos had sprint, no you cant.

in theory sprint roams on verizon, but in my experience youll always be on sprint because youll get one bar of signal which is just enough so that the phones prl doesnt let you roam but not enough signal for you to actually make calls or use data with sprint.


Miami Beach, FL
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Here we go again, the competition which just does not want to i8mprove coverage.
Verizon did not build rural coverage. They BOUGHT it. Remeber the old alltel, company with the largest geographic coverage in the US? Who took them over? Large part went to Verizon, small part to AT&Tea . Verizon ddd not build that much of anything. they just gobbled up what others created.
Lanett, AL
I started out with Nextel, mainly because my dad worked for Comcast and they used Nextel so it was convenient to use the radio. When Nextel and Sprint merged, we used that opportunity to "migrate" to Sprint (dad and I wanted smart phones and didn't like what Nextel had to offer) without the ETF issue. Living in Atlanta we never had coverage issues, as long as we were in the metro area. That's the catch to the other carriers, you have to live in a major metro area to get decent coverage.

When we moved to Tucson we had shit for coverage. Our house and office were basically dead zones. If you got 1 bar you were lucky. Looking at a zoomed in picture of Sprint's coverage map for Tucson told us why, there were three distinct radius circles making up the coverage, in other words they appeared to only have three towers covering the entire city.

To make matters worse with Sprint, because we had "atlanta" service, we were hit with "long distance" charges as they called it (really roaming I think) and wound up with a $600 bill in one month. We said screw you and went to Verizon the same day and have been on them ever since (since 2009).

From a device standpoint, I'd MUCH prefer to be with Sprint or AT&T for their better Android phones. The thing is, I can't get good coverage here with them. You know what makes matters worse, with Verizon, I get LTE coverage all the way down here in West Point, GA/Lanett, AL area. Coverage maps (last time I looked at them anyway) don't indicate that but I'm not complaining.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
It is people like you that keep companies like Verizon in business and prevent upstarts from competing. Excuses, excuses, you're still feeding the pig. Depending on where your coverage sucks, there are several things you can try. Mobile antenna, repeaters, wifi calling(all my lines use my GV anyways, but T-Mobile, ironically, is the 1 carrier with strong coverage at my house, though not the strongest everywhere. So I used the wifi option when I had others carriers before T-Mo). There is femtocells too, but are a ripoff given wifi is cheaper. Verizon's coverage here is about equal to AT&T, which are both pretty good. However, the difference is not appreciable enough to me for me to do business with either of those bleeding sods again.
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Sage of the light

Chester, IL

Re: Verizon

That's not it, that's T-Mobile's lack of rural investment and EDGE. Expecting someone to use EDGE in 2013 because you don't want them to "feed the pig" is ridiculous. Coverage isn't the issue most of the time, data connections are. In Chester Illinois, Verizon has LTE while AT&T has weak HSPA that drops connections, T-Mobile has EDGE, and Sprint has no native service. Guess which provider dominates my home town!

I'd love to go to T-Mobile but until they can have fast DC-HSPA at the least, there's simply no chance of me going to them. That's the problem most of us rural dwellers use, and frankly seeing that your town is EDGE, I don't know why you stick with them either.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR

Re: Verizon

They have 3G/4G in most places I frequent, though it is not on their map. At home, where it is EDGE, I have excellent wifi. EDGE is not that bad if used well, but is horrible if not used well. I don't run background data tasks that don't need be running. I used good caching and data compression where possible. T-Mobile EDGE may be a downgrade from AT&T in data speed but was an upgrade in call quality and call stability, as well as unlimited for a lower price. I can stream my radio stations flawlessly on the go in my car, which is my single biggest consumption of mobile data, so I'm happy. I use the Yourmuze app along with Hola. Transcodes to a fine sounding AAC+ stream while Hola caches and compresses web content. Let's not forget Opera Mini either for browsing. I am not stuck on EDGE data perse most of the time(home is EDGE but again, excellent wifi), but most of the time that I am, I am driving with streaming radio, which works just fine for me. Why should I pay for more 4G coverage I don't really need at the expense of coverage gaps(Verizon, though not huge ones but enough to cut off important calls on me) or unclear/dropped calls even in good coverage(AT&T)? Sprint, don't make me laugh.
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