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Verizon FiOS

Marshfield, MA

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Network safety - they've used that excuse before

Remember when your Blackberry's couldn't use GPS unless you subscribed to Verizon's navigation? GPS was "locked out" of being used by other applications, and they gave the safety excuse.


East Amherst, NY

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Yes. I had to buy a bluetooth GPS receiver to then use my GPS software (which wasn't navigator)... That really got me fired up.

They also disabled data transfer so you couldn't get your own ringtones.

IMHO, this is par for the course for VZ and since this is an open market people can decide, it's not anti-competitive, it's anti-consumer.

So until they start loosing customers (they are not) they are of the mind of controlling aspects that can benefit their ARPU.

I have Verizon and the Mrs for corporate because it's got the best coverage and their business services are the best. As a consumer they treat you like crap, and I would never put a personal phone on VZ network..

With the iphone, Mr Gates set the bar, now it's a matter of GOOG people cramming it down their throats by releasing competitive phones on other vendors...

Karl Bode
News Guy
reply to amarryat

I remember it well. All GPS apps were prohibited from using the device GPS radio, forcing the users to use Verizon's $10 a month (IIRC) GPS app and service. Same thinking, evolved and perpetuated.