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[CBN] No Netflix HD

I have had Charter Business Internet for about 30 days now. 30M/4M service.
I get excellent speeds all the time, I single transfer will hit or exceed 30mb/s with ease all day every day for everything but Netflix.

On the Xbox 360 Netflix has 3 bars then an HD beacon. With Charter Business Internet I never get past the 2nd bar. My connection is wired.

I still have my DSL provider with 10M/2M service and I can and always have been able to obtain HD streaming all day every day.

Does anyone know if Charter has peering issues similar to Comcast/Verizon to Netflix? Does Charter throttle Netflix streams? Is this expected behavior from Charter?

I have opened a ticket with Charter and have been in contact with Netflix support as well. I will be canceling Charter is this does not get resolved.


Monroe, MI

I wasn't having any issues shortly after Netflix opened up SuperHD to all ISPs. This was via Roku 2 XD. It's been a few weeks since I've had time to watch anything via the Roku lately, though.

Before suspecting something nefarious like throttling or peering issues, allow Charter the opportunity to look into it.

Are experiencing any other issues with the Charter connection outside Netflix?



The only other problem I have had is with streaming Monday Night football from ESPN3.com. It wasn't able to achieve a very high quality either. NBA league pass on the other hand, streams just fine.

All speed tests come back 30/4. Performing other tasks reach 30M+ speeds almost immediately as monitored through router bandwidth charts and/or application reports. Internet performance is excellent other than when streaming Netflix and the one time I tried to stream from ESPN3.com.


Kearney, NE

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reply to scottz

I would check out this thread. Honestly.. if Charter is throttling Netflix.. everyone seems to be in on it at customer service... or they really don't know.

»Netflix HD - What is going on?