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Burlington, ON

sagemcom f@st 2864 passthrough

Hi guys,

I'm really new to networking so hopefully someone here can help me figure out what I've done. I have the Teksavvy 25/10 connection and to improve my Wifi signal I'm trying to do a PPPoE pass-through from the Sagemcom to my D-Link DIR-815 router. This is all based off of me reading the forum post here:
»[DSL] Sagemcom F@ST 2864 bridge mode guide

I got into the Sagemcom Hub Connection page by typing in and turned off UPnP, DLNA, DHCP, Primary Wireless, Broadcast Primary SSID, WPS, Guest WirelessNetwork and Broadcast Guest SSID. I connected my D-Link DIR-815 router WAN port to the LAN of the Sagemcom. I deleted the Teksavvy username and password for PPPoE and hit save (the username and password reset to the Bell default one upon save)

I connected my D-Link WAN port to the LAN of the Sagemcom and my PC to the LAN of the D-LINK. I went into the PPPoE settings of the D-LINK and entered in my Teksavvy username and password. This gave me internet access but for some reason speedtest.net is telling me that my wifi connection speed is around 5-10mbps (wired around 20-25mbps).

So I thought that's worse than the Sagemcom, so I powered down the D-Link and re-connected my computer to the LAN of the Sagemcom and did a 30/30/30. (holding reset button)(still holding reset, unplugging power)(still holding reset, plugging power back in) to factory reset the Sagemcom. But that didn't work.

I can't access the modem anymore through Shouldn't that have reset all the options I changed, back to the defaults? My computer when hooked up to the Sagemcom directly can't access the internet.

I can still access the internet if I hook the D-Link back up, but I can't get back into the Sagemcom Hub Connection page. Any help on how to reset the modem back to factory default would be really helpful

Thanks guys,


Burlington, ON
Third times the charm. Third time I've reset the modem, this one finally took. I'm back on the Sagemcom and everything is factory reset.

Sorry for the bother