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In Memory of Guinness 03-30-07
Eatontown, NJ

Touchscreen issues...C

Guys, this I am sure is not for this forum, but I know you guys will know were this should go, if not, maybe you guys may know..

I bought an Acer touch 23 inch wide screen monitor a while ago. I was moving it to an different area in my room. When doing so, some how I managed to put a small crack in the screen at the very top. It did nothing to affect the LED, but it did affect the touch screen so now I have a 2in by 1in area at the very top so that now the touch screen thinks I am always touching that part of the screen. Is there anyway to somehow mark that portion of the screen as dead and disable that small part so that it "deadens" that area? I know this is wishful thinking, but I am just hoping there might be a way. The rest of the monitor is perfectly fine and no other area is affected,meaning that all areas of the screen still react to the touch. Is this at all possible? I know that though a good program this technically could be done, but I just don't know if there is any software that could do this.

Many thanks!
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