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Cedar City, UT
·Revol Wireless
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[Rant] Grrr Revol Wireless...

We'll revol wireless has just lost a very long time customer.

I moved to utah several months back, but I made sure before I left I was going to be able to retain my service, I was assured that I could keep it and would have no issues.

2 weeks ago it stopped working, but my 3g continued to work, I was puzzled, it would not dialout or let incoming calls in, and then the error "sprint error 16 switch 3"

ah googled that I did, come to find out, since there are no revol towers out here it was pigging backing off sprints towers and it had been blocked. puzzling even more.

I called up sprints support and was informed I had to call revol as they needed revol to authorize a release of the block, so called revol, Revol informs me they no longer do that.

so I tell them to cancel the account, "but sir, your 3g service is still active and you can just maintain that" I told her that is not what I wanted at all, as I needed voice service and their 3g was not able to get above 0.002mbit on speed tests so it would do me no good to try and use skype.

All she keeps wanting to do is try and talk me out of it, finally ask for a supervisor, I sit on the line for 12 minutes and one finally comes to the phone, I explain again WHY and what is going on, I get informed again that they no longer call others to get blocks removed, so I told him to cancel the account and he finally does so and gives me a confirmation number and then hangs up.

So I've had to take my 400 dollar phone and convert it to using wifi with talkaphone from the gplay store so I can at least use my gvoice number on wifi.

so suffice to say, Revol wireless will never get my business again.


Roslindale, MA
They are a regional carrier with limited service areas. I expect them to purchased by Sprint or Verizon at some point. Good luck

Cedar City, UT
att just bought the parent company cricket, so we'll see hwo long it is before this goes tits up, I'm still not going back though.