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Calgary, AB

[AB] Bandwidth Issues in NW Calgary

I recently moved to a different area in NW Calgary, Scenic Acres to be specific, and got setup with the same internet plan as before, Broadband 100, and have been getting poor download speeds every night at peak times every night. Most of the time I have been lucky to get 7 mbps.

When I spoke to a representative we went though all the usual level 1 junk and got to the point where they were ready to send a tech out to me when I suggested there may be an unreported issue in the area of some sort. Turns out the area had been experiencing more traffic than it could handle consistently and it had thus far been unreported.

Has anyone else been experiencing issues?
Is this a widespread thing?
As it has been a couple weeks now is anything being done to resolve this?


Calgary, AB

Usually issues are like that are just a particular node that experience it, could be as small as an area with 300 customers...

So you may not get a responce.

7 is really low though

To resolve is usually a node split, which usually also requires running fiber, which requires planning, so if they have been planning it for a while (which they should have if you are down to 7), it could be quick, it may take time...
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